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    There's a time to move on ... right?

    Sorry for the late response :P thanks for the Good Words .. See You all soon ;)
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    There's a time to move on ... right?

    Yes, some people know that i'm leaving and i think it was the best decisions based in some considerations i made. Playing since 2011, i found myself really entertained with this game and was happy all that time. Made some really good friends that i'll never forget. I couldn't leave without...
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    Money issue

    I can Donate the money. . Just find me in game :)
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    Grass Type Pokemon

    My venusaur never died vs jolteon. And grass type have too many weaknesses to be a strong type in battle. It was always like this, it's hard to try to insert grass types in a competitive team.
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    Petition: Higher level wild Pokemon (poll added)

    Be released now , not in 2017
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    Been quite awhile!

    Welcome back ^^
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    Kanto Re-spawn Project Block Six.

    I will be very direct: -That new Tm nobody needs it, it's useless - By taking growlithe and scyther , you reduce the people in river for like 50% or more - I didn't have time to hunt for a gligar in the event but still got the razor claw, explain me where can i hunt now the epic gligar i'm...
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    I'm back ???????? Maybe.

    I remember you Miss Shiny Quagsire :P
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    No :)

    Re: Stop to Play If they're good :P
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    Kind GM, really apreciated your work , ty ^^ Good luck with ur life! -seemsbetterthanadeadgame-
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    Calling on Staff

    NO. (._.)-------3
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    It has been a long time ^^

    Hey all! Just passed to say that in 22nd October i celebrated my 3rd anniversary in PWO. It has been very good.. The game didn't evolve much in terms of map and stuff but evolved in some good aspects. When i joined, server would go down very frequently.. everybody this old remember the black bar...
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    Farewell PWO!

    BB, Good luck in your life :D
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    Dalek's Log of Upd

    Re: Dalek's Log of Updates What Pokemon Groomer means? :3
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    Hiii , wb :3