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    Add Hidden Power Text in Pokemon Summary

    Hello, Would it be possible to include the Hidden Power value in the Pokemon Summary View? This will save us time by not having to manually enter the text into website or need to travel to the NPC to tell us the value.
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    Stat Changing Moves

    Hey, I know this might not be the place to ask this, but I was wondering once all the updates to this game have been realized. If something like in picture 3 can be implemented in the game. That's if the current client will be able to allow it. Thanks again. Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3:
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    What pokemon do you think deserves a move update?

    he also gets Superpower from Trapinch ;)
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    Pokemon EVs, Possible or not?

    If EV were to be included I would love it if the Playerdex kept track all the EV training. Meaning it would tell me exactly where in the specific skill I have use the training on. That way I wouldn't have to keep track of them. For the lvl issue maybe they can reset all lvl 99s to 95 to account...
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    Special Pokémons

    I like this, only NPCs can use shadow pokes
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    What pokemon do you think deserves a move update?

    I would like to see Flygon as well, and Quagsire to get a better water move than Water Gun. Muddy Water ;)
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    Shiny rate change

    I agree, with Merse. But since its so hard to find shinys, why not make them have a random stat at 28-32. Just a thought since they are shiny and are special. Also why not have a type of shop which Staff members will take the Shiny pokemon from players and in return they will be allowed to pick...
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    Regarding Articuno Learnset

    While this is true, you have to remember that the X-mas event was open to everyone who had (3 badges from Kanto and 4 badges for Johto) so we are dealing with low level players who would have pokemon in the 20 - 40 range. I think this is the reason Articuno was at lvl 60 and not lvl 99 like...
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    Your Dream Team if Pokemon were real

    Quagsire - my favorite pokemon Gardevoir Porygon Lopunny Kecleon Grimer Noctowl - could only have 6 :'(
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    pokes having imp stats(32ivs)

    hey Blue, Is the stats of S pokemon also random now, cause I found a S VR pokemon yesterday and its ivs where: 14–19 HP; 25–31/30–31 Physical; 27–31/23–28 Special; 29–31 Speed Now I like the idea of non-shiny pokemon now having imp. ivs. - Thanks
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    Really low prices now days

    With people complaining with prices why don't the Adm. just restart the game over. Start from scratch. Its a beta anyways. I understand that people will complain on this matter, but what if you could get a chance at a S starter and legendary pokemon were catchable. Yes some flows are in place...
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    Pwo Economy

    A few weeks ago there was also a thread about the Economy of the game and someone brought up a good idea with TM's being implemented in the game. The way I can see this working is having all the pokemon in the game have 2-4 extra move-sets that can be purchase from the Playerdex. But since this...
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    Time to Debate Legendary Pokemon; Should they be added?

    The way I see it, the legendary pokemons are already in the game. Its just that there are impossible to catch, hence makes them impossible to see. :)