Your local Absollover has arrived


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Feb 16, 2021
Hey everyone!

I'm Absoltrainer108 and I've been playing this game the last two days and I quite like it! I will probs become a regular player here. I've played Pokémon all the way back from Pokémon Blue and Red and played almost every Pokémon game that came out for GBC,GBA and (3)DS in Europe. I'm a particular fan of the Mystery Dungeon games!

As you can guess from my name, my favorite Pokémon is Absol. I know, I know, y'all gonna trashtalk me how bad Absol is for PvP and stuff :rolleyes: but I don't care about that. I love how it's such a mysterious and misunderstood creature. My ideal team would consist of Absol, Alolan Ninetales, Gardevoir, Dusknoir, Milotic and Luxray as those are some of my favorites! Also big Eeveelution fan!

Also over the last two years or so I've started becoming quite the weeb, some of my favorite anime are:

Demon Slayer, Re: Zero, Black Clover, The Rising of the Shield Hero and Fairy Tail, (As you can see mostly fantasy animes)

If you got any anime recommendations please share them with me, I'd be grateful! Doesn't have to be fantasy nescarrily.

Looking forward to getting to know you all! :D

(Also ignore my registration date, I know it says 16 Feb 2021 but didn't really try it out back then.)


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Oct 8, 2011
Sweet and short: Welcome to PWO. Also Absol isn't that bad, mega absol is actually good and EZ