Hot-N-Cold [EP. 3]: Sifting Through Data Debris


Aug 14, 2015

Hot-N-Cold [EP. 3]: Sifting Through Data Debris

I'm a Fighter, not a Hunter, but I'll Hunt in order to Fight



Me track encounter, dump data into software, program make pretty picture, me give life advice, and then we all go back to make same mistake. Kapeesh? ("Capisce?")

Data and Visuals




What the jumble of numbers is trying to say is: With my 31,274 encounters, the expected number of shinies is 15. I would have needed as low as 7 shinies or as high as 23 shinies to make a sufficient claim that my shiny chance is not 1/2048 with Membership. The numbers don't lie, but golly does performing below average feel awful.


Honestly, nothing super out of the ordinary happened. I was getting a bit annoyed that I was struggling to find Gible and Frillish. The first couple weeks were going alright with 6 and 5 shinies, respectively, but the last week had me a little on edge. Mostly because I found only one shiny Snubbull by the end of that week and I was drained of all my hunting stamina. 4 Snubulls, 2 Exeggcutes, 1 Growllithe, 1 Vulpix, 1 Poliwag, 1 Tentacool, 2 Stantler, a mediocre Frillish, and less than ideal Gibles. Since the stats suggest that my shiny chance is technically within reason, I begrudgingly accept but it still bums me out. While frustrating to not get comparable results to some of my fellow trainers, the event nevertheless was impressive in terms of what it brought to PvP - Assault Vest, Heat Rock, more Dragons, and well-needed tutors for my Pokémon. With my ambitious plans to push PvP forward, these new additions should bring new potential strategies to the PWO Stadium. At this point in time, I just wanna EV train in Route 2 and Slowpoke Well, and yuck it up in the Elite 4. I might get sick or grow mildly (more) insane if I continue hunting. So my outgoing advice for this post: Life is like a box of shinies, you know what you got but at what cost?

Until I inevitably post a whole lot of nothingness again, ciao~
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Nov 13, 2013
I was amazed how close Remoraid and Qwilfish are in the charts and then i noticed its not linear :p
Interesting to see the % of encounters are so similar between forest and mountain, basically the same rarities when you compare the same tier pokes. Nice job once again AK, you never disappoint.