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Aug 14, 2015

Community Spotlight

The "Community Spotlight" is an interview series under The AOK Times that aims to provide greater insight into the thoughts and minds of PWO's amazing community members. It follows a Q&A format and the responses are released with the expressed consent of the interviewee.



Interview w/ Isguros

1. So who is Isguros?

Heya, my name is Isguros (or whatever variations of that name people came up with) and y'all had to put up with me here for the last decade. Outside of PWO I earn my daily bread being a primary school teacher, and in PWO my life is even less fabulous, believe it or not.

2. I am impressed with your dedication—dare I say, obsession—with Quagsire and Water-type Pokémon in general. But I’m curious: was this Water-type supremacy mindset something that grew from an early age? Were there particular events or fond memories that served as the impetus for your aquatic inclinations?

Pokémon has a special relationship with Water types (according to me): in the anime you had Misty repping them everywhere she went, her Psyduck that was ever-present, Ash's Squirtle rocking those gnarly sunglasses, and there was an entire arc revolving around Lapras being a full-time taxi. In the games they've had quite a presence as well; fossils, gift Pokemon, new and exclusive evolution methods, timed encounters, even the first legendary Pokemon to have its own storyline was a Water-type... and that's all before they released the games that are remembered for having "too much" water. But I never intended to purely focus on catching Water-type Pokemon when I first started PWO. That just happened somewhere along the way.

3. At a distance, I think it’s fair to say that folks can see you as a bit callous and antagonistic in nature; an against-the-grain sort of fellow with a pragmatic wit. Nevertheless, you remain a respected figure in the Community. Voted The Professor’s Aide in 2020; Smartest in 2019; Smartest, Best Debater, Most Helpful, and even Most Handsome in 2018. That’s just a snippet of your long list of accolades. So is the grammatically-inclined Quagsire as mean as the critics say or is there a Luvdisc hidden inside that Wooping personality? To quote you in 2014: “Just smile, and others won't know how much you hate them :)

I try to be as helpful as I can if help is warranted, but sometimes people aren't really looking for help, but rather someone who can do their stuff for them. In those cases I'd like to match their effort level by telling them where to get the information, or asking about their own thoughts on the matter if that applies. In my experience 8-year olds are much more receptive to those kind of responses, but if another person is eager to jump through hoops for them, I can see where they're coming from. Luckily they're still people with serious issues around whom I'm glad to help out if I'm able to, and those interactions seemingly haven't gone unnoticed; you win some, you lose some. At the end of the day, those accolades don't really mean what they imply to mean; they're often considered more of a 'thank you letter' where people try to fit as many people in there as possible. I've tried campaigning for the Random Ribbon category once, and even tried to change the format one year, but those attempts weren't received that well. So when people gave me an award for my dashing and elegant appearance, I take it with a grain of salt, knowing full-well that they probably don't even know what I look like. I appreciate the thought though. As for that quote: great advice; good mindset to have, but arguably not something you should tell people. Not in those words at least.

4. Word on the waves is that you’re a Staff member in disguise. Is there any merit to these muddy claims? Regardless of merit, how does it feel to be held to a caliber where these assertions are entertained? Or do you think it’s some overplayed bit?

It's sort of an inside joke, focusing on some similarities between me and a certain staff member, so it's not meant as praise or anything, but more so an acknowledgement of coincidences. Most of the time I'm ignoring or denying it since there's always a chance someone who's not in on the joke might take it seriously.

5. If I look at the Player Central lists on the Playerdex, I cannot help but notice that you’re a clear #2 in Gametime and Fishing Level; behind the Ramensnoodle himself. Do you see Ramensnoodle as a rival of sorts whose #1 spot you’re chasing after? Or do you not give much thought to the numbers and would rather focus on your own game?

And now I'm the second one being interviewed after Ramensnoodle, always playing second fiddle, thanks for reminding me AsianKid ;). No, there's no rivalry between us. Game time and fishing level aren't really those kind of achievements in my eyes; you don't need to have the skill to outwit other players in a battle or trade, you just need to enjoy playing this game. That being said, I do look up to him for the endless knowledge he must have amassed during all those hours. We should (sometimes) be thankful that people like him and Fadoka, who've pretty much experienced it all here on PWO are still around.

6. Before creating R3volution and being a guild leader, you were first a part of DoomedSociety. Here was your application way back when:

IGN: isguros
Badges Won: 16
Time Played (Current Time): 186 Hours and 46 Minutes
Which one u r interested : Daycaring (and being the best water pokemon master in the world!)
PPV Wins and Loss: 22 Wins, 14 Losses
Active at help Channel or Not: Active

Proof of Trustable: Panikos90, brillie20, LuxusSeele, Wonderful

How was your time in DoomedSociety and what motivated you to start your own guild? More importantly, are coconut macarons still your favorite sweet?

DoomedSociety was probably the most intreaging guild I've been a part of. It was a tight-knit group full of weird and interesting people in the chaotic landscape that was PWO at the time, and my first foothold in the community. Names like Gobfather, Celestial, and MrDerpy come to mind, though they're just a few of many. Sadly that guild ended a lot more abruptly than it should have. But it was my brief stint in TheRealRockets that inspired me to eventually end up where I am today: a leader of a guild with only myself as (active) member. Though TheRealRockets's reasons for recruiting people were a bit dubious, you could see that they were a positive influence for many starting players when they were active on PWO.

You can't go wrong with macaroons, unless, of course, you confuse them with macarons, cause those are different... I think(?). They're both good though. I guess the statement still holds up technically, but it has certainly been a while since I've last had one. I don't have as much of a sweet tooth as I used to have anymore; I only get myself some kind of biscuits every now and then, and something chocolately during the holidays. I'm more attuned to savory snacks these days.

7. No doubt in the 18,000+ hours spent in PWO, you’ve gathered a lot of experience and made a name for yourself. As a notable and highly-acclaimed member of the PWO Community, what brings you back here? It certainly isn’t the fishing success rates. I’m sure there are other places filled with cooler folks than me, so why PWO?

PWO is PWO, and despite its flaws, I, as well as many others here have grown to appreciate the game and the people playing and making it. What brings me back is probably the same thing that made me choose PWO in the first place: it's a quaint little game that brings back so many memories, and all the time each of us have spend here, is just more memories to add onto that. That's why, aside from those that keep playing, there are also people that return after being away for a while, or the people that keep in touch with PWO through the forum or Discord server.

Alright, these next few questions are something I like to ask all my interviewees, which is one so far..but it’s about to be two!

8. What piece(s) of advice would you give to your past self who just started in PWO? Made any poor decisions that you wished you could do over? Or are you the type to say that “everything happens for a reason” and wouldn’t change a thing?

The only advice I can think of is telling myself that not everyone is build the same: they don't necessarily experience the same issues, or have the same priorities as you do. I've butted heads with a bunch of people several times, trying to convince them of my stance, resulting in me being viewed as antagonistic, whiched you've touched on prior. Sometimes you've got to choose your fights more carefully and just smile and accept it. This doesn't mean I won't give my opinions or stand up for myself anymore. Other than that I don't really think there's that much to regret: I usually don't engage in trades and the like, so no sappy stories about 'that one Pokémon I should have kept' from me.

9. Name three things that you would like to see in PWO.

Firstly, I'd like to see the return of a Starter Island in one way or another. Right now beginning trainers are met with a wall of text explaining everything from EVs and IVs to chat commands and interface navigation. The controls are easy to miss or aren't even explained at all. A map like the Starter Island we used to have back in the day would help players to obtain those skills and information more gradually.

The next thing I'd like to make a comeback are Journalists. PWO has several platforms for the staff team to interact with players: the PlayerDex, Forum, Twitter and Discord (Wiki too, technically), but activity is mostly limited to server updates and in-game event announcements. I believe Journalists could be used as a go-between for those two, or even a just a mouth piece for the staff team.

Last but not least: the final thing I would like to see in PWO are the friends we made along the way. Cliche or not, PWO still is a multi-player game, and especially now that the number of players aren't nearly as high as they once were; seeing people go would hurt all the more. PWO would feel like a whole different game were it not for the people we play with.

10. Where do you see your career heading? A sailor friend of mine has told me you’ve been fishing in Route 41 an awful lot lately. Are you content with where you’re at right now?

You should never feel content: it stops you from reaching higher aspirations. That pink pufferfish is my white whale: I've been looking for one for most of my PWO career, and I don't plan on stopping until I find it. I haven't made plans for what comes after: I might test my luck on Lapras, or Eevee; but there's always the possibility there'll be new seas to conquer when that time comes.

Alright, the spotlight is on you! You're free to talk about whatever you want. What message do you want to share with the Community?

To quote a wise woman: "Just play the dang game."


Wrap Up
First and foremost, thank you Isguros for taking some time off fishing to be a part of this interview. I believe everyone would agree that PWO would be a lesser place without your guiding presence and ability to thoughtfully communicate - teaching is definitely a spot-on profession. I know that personally speaking, my interactions with you have motivated me to elevate my inter- and intrapersonal skills. Just maybe not in comedy ;). Honestly, I don't think I would've sustained my return here as long as I have were you not there to butt heads with me. As you look up to Ramensnoodle, many others too, look up to you as the arbiter of reason within the Community. I mean, I certainly do. I wish you the best in your oceanic adventures and hope you continue to create more enjoyable memories with us here in PWO.

And with that, the second Community Spotlight issa wrap! Keep your head on a swivel because who knows what trainer The AOK Times will look to interview next? I ain't got the slightest clue.

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