Tutorial: How to get Wind Surfboard, fight Elite 4, and travel to the next region.


Mar 12, 2013
Since there's no Wiki page for these topics yet, I made a quick / rough writeup. Please feel free to edit this / adapt into a Wiki page, anyone who has access.

It's maybe controversial to give too many puzzle clues and such. Hopefully Staff will not mind this thread. I feel that many players were getting frustrated and confused, though, because these tasks aren't that straightforward. Plus, they are necessary for completing the game. And they're hard enough even with a tutorial.

Part 1: How to Acquire the Wind Surfboard.

Before you fight Elite 4 or go to the next region, you will need the Wind Surfboard. You can obtain it for free if you are smart and careful by completing a short quest at either Route 19 in Kanto or Olivine City in Johto. This short quest is simply a riddle: you are given a series of clues, and must determine, using logic (not guessing) which of 4 trainers has which of 4 items (they can only have 1 each), and what position (numerical sequence) those trainers are.

For each wrong answer you must pay 15,000 Pd in order to get the Wind Surfboard, up to 75,000 Pd. Use a piece of paper and a pen to write down the clues and you will be able to solve it without guessing. Remember you need the surfboard to complete the game, and 75k is a lot of money even for established players, so take your time and most importantly do not guess!!!.

Note: the clues / answers are different for every player, so you can't simply copy someone else's answers.

The clues are roughly in the following format (these are just examples, not the answers):
Clue 1: Nick either has the Sails, or he is position #3.
Clue 2: Jobey has the Sails, and somebody else has the Rudder. (this tells us Nick can't have the Sails, so Nick must be position #3)
Clue 3: Reese does not have the Rigging, and he is either position #3 or #2. (we know Nick is position #3 from the last clue, so therefore we know Reese is position #2).
Clue 4: Mandy is position #1 and has the Mast, or she is position #2. (we already know Reese is position #2, so Mandy must be position #1 and have the Mast).
From all this we know Jobey is #4, the only position remaining. And Nick must have the Rigging because Reese does not have it. So Reese must have the last item, the Rudder.

Once you are sure you know who has which items and what positions they are in, you can answer the riddle, and you will be given the surfboard.

Part 2: How to Access and fight the Elite 4.
Note: You need 8 badges first in order to access the Elite 4. If you're not sure what gym is next, this page is helpful.

1. If you started in Kanto, go west from Viridian City along Route 22 and enter the big orange building.

If you started in Johto, surf east from New Bark Town and then go through Tohjo Falls cave, and follow Route 27, which becomes Route 26, all the way into the big orange building.
Note: None of Tohjo Falls, Routes 27 or 26 are found on the in-game map, but you can't really get lost.

2. You will come to a path that is blocked by boulders. To the left of those boulders in the other room is an NPC wearing a white lab coat with no name. Speak to him and he will send you on a quest..
1633286623030.png 1633280146898.png

3. Depending on your starting region, you must either go to a small house in Cinnabar Island (Kanto) or the Lake of Rage (Johto) and speak to an NPC, named Blackbelt Barney or George. The NPC will give you a Machop. If your team is full it will be sent to your PC.

4. You will need to train the Machop to full Happiness (level 255), and evolve it to Machamp. For it to become Machamp you must do an "empty trade" with the help of another player (ask in chat but make sure you register first - see next step).

5. In order to trade (and evolve Machoke), you must first register to trade (ie. create a trade password) at Celadon City in Kanto, or Olivine City in Johto. See here for more info: https://pwo-wiki.info/index.php/Trading

Note: As the name implies, an "empty" trade means you simply initiate a trade with your trading partner and click "Accept Trade" without adding anything into the trade window. This way there is no risk of losing your pokemon or getting ripped off by the other player.

6. Once your Machamp has 255 Happiness, return to the NPC in Cinnabar / Lake of Rage. He takes the Machamp from you and gives you the TM94 - Rock Smash. After this you will be able to buy additional TM94s from him for 6,000 Pd each.

7. Teach Rock Smash to a pokemon and return to the route that is blocked by boulders. You can now smash those rocks and advance further into the map.

8. You will eventually reach another section that is blocked by a different type of boulders. To move these you will need to learn Strength.

9. Retrace your steps to the map entrance and speak to the NPC called Hermit Matthew (see screenshot in step 2 above). He is a move tutor who will teach you Strength.

10. Push the boulders onto the switches using Strength, and a hidden ladder will appear on the right. You will have to block your path to get all the switches. If you make a mistake just leave the map and come back.

11. The hidden ladder leads to Victory Road B2F. Here you will find more puzzles requiring Strength and Rock Smash. Solve the puzzles and follow the path..

12. Follow the path, and you will come to a Mew NPC guarding a Master Ball. At this point you can choose to fight Mew (level 120) and get the Master Ball, or simply proceed to Elite 4. If you choose the latter you can return to fight Mew and get it later.
Note: Mew will reappear after about 2 weeks for you to rebattle if you wish, but you can only get one Master Ball.

13. You will come to Route 23. Follow it north to Indigo City. In the big house at the top of the map is an NPC named Adrian who you should speak to. He says something like "wahh I could never beat Elite 4.."...

14. When you are ready, continue north through Indigo City into the huge building -- the Elite 4 awaits!!! I recommend buying some Revives, Potions and other medicines before you start.

15. After you beat Elite 4, return to talk to Adrian - he will be amazed and give you a Starter Pokemon Egg. If you started in Johto, it will be a Kanto Egg containing a Kanto starter, and if you started in Kanto it will be a Johto Egg. See here for info about eggs: https://pwo-wiki.info/index.php/Eggs

16. Make sure to use the train station on Route 23 to enable quick easy future access to Elite 4 without having to do any more puzzles. Using the train here will make Route 23 become available as a destination from the other train stations. Elite 4 can be one of the best ways to grind Pd if your team is strong enough.

Rumour has it there's a mysterious opponent and a secret reward if you beat the Elite 4 enough times..

Part 3: How to Travel to the Other Region.

Once you have 8 badges and have beaten Elite 4 the first time, return to the big orange building on Route 22/26, and take the other pathway. The guard will let you through now. This will lead to the other region. You need Wind Surfboard and 8 badges.

Once you have all 16 badges, return to fight Elite 4 again. It is significantly harder the second time (level 85 to 90ish).

With 16 badges you also have access to Mt Silver, which was blocked by the left guard in the big orange building. One of the best places to train / raise Pd, and Larvitar (which becomes Tyranitar) is catchable there.

Good luck. Let me know if any part isn't clear enough or needs more screenshots, or if I forgot anything (I think there might be more steps to the Adrian thing??). Also don't be afraid to ask for help in game.
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