Event The Christmas Mission


Jan 2, 2014
event grass areas as patchy as this
I agree that the grass was few and far between. It clogged everyone together and bogged down my computer a bit.

Earth Day Event: Make the largest possible map, and have it be only grass. Easy to build, and people can't complain like this. hehe

Large meadows to roam around in. Could be mean and put down secret Teleporter Pads to royally eff up players sense of direction. Corn Field Mazes could be good for next Halloween.

the biggest indicator of how generous the spawns were is the total row - roughly every 9 minutes I found a t2+ spawn
It wasn't boring like the Halloween event, spawn wise. The same thing over and over for endless hours. I wasn't bored with these spawns by the end of the event. Which, the length of the event also has something to do with that.

I didn't have to faint any Aron
Put all the Aron you caught in 1 place, and I will select one at random for you to give me so I can throw it away.


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Aug 25, 2011
Thank you for the event!

A little feedback:
I think the event was fun and, as altready said, spawns were challenging and fun. Loved the event hunging-wise.

All quests were different from anything you tried before and I really appreciate that. I had to think in new ways, and it was fun in the first days to be challenged like that. Maybe for the future tell us the end date of the event when it stars, so that some people won't feel the oppression of not kniwing the ending date and be stuck doing quests instead of hunting...

Apart for some minor issues (for example the deerling sprite), the main one was that it was not clear which NPC were important (I almost missed one) since the main quest was about avoiding NPCs.

I appreciated the challenge of both the quest and the spawns (cipher and beldum). I get that some people complained about this but come on, it is a game, I think it's ok if there are difficult tasks, for more involved players. Beldum was hard but it mostly required the right preparation; cipher was a mistery to be solved, butother players could help. I think many players helped more than they should have, just a couple of hints were enough to give players the element to solve the puzzle. I guess you can't avoid player spoiling the quest, so maybe for the future you can think about differentiating the solution (don't even know if it's possible to do that, maybe 10 different solution based on the last number of the trainer ID?).

Overall, I had plenty of fun and I'd like more events like this. Plenty of people were online and I loved it, I could even battle some people which was hard to do in the months before. And I love the way a certain teaser was given out, hope it's real!

Thank you again


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Game Editor
Oct 1, 2020
Hello, everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thanks everyone for the feedbacks. It's very important for us so we can keep improving and delivering best content to all of you. In second place, I'd like to inform that the Christmas Event's NPCs Item Seller and Ice Punch Tutor will be removed from Viridian and Cherrygrove cities on Saturday 23th January at 12pm (UTC). Maybe it's a good time to spend all of these Snow Powders you have gathered, huh?

See ya'll! :)