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Jan 8, 2012
FYI, if you're hunting Riolu, be sure to use Gengar or another ghost poke or you risk it fainting itself with Final Gambit.

Same goes for Starly and technically Mankey as well.
Fixed Riolu to spawn at a lower level so it isn't effected by Final Gambit. Other spawns on map are still 55+ so no repel hunting :p

While most people speaking out are praising the update and how Sevii has been released, it's important to note that it's not everyone's opinion


I myself had some struggles with the Five Island parts:
- it wasn't clear (at least to me) that the people we had to rescue were the villagers outside (I spent way too long spacebaring the cages in the warehouse)
- it was also a bit confusing to get the key for the Gorgeous Resort, I don't remember exactly what was supposed to be done to have the correct sequence of dialogues to get that key but I do remember these 2 sections were the only ones where I had to ask others what we were supposed to do

There is also the issue of Lorelei NPC dialogues: you can be at the last part of the snow arc, if you come back to Island Four the NPC behaves like everything after Island Four events didn't happen

Other parts of the quests were either decent, good or well-done (still don't get why the FFA631 has this name)

The choice of spawns are great, very few new datas, well-used G3-4 poks, nothing that would make planning spawns for future events/swarms harder for the staff team in my opinion

Same for the rewards AND THE WAY THEY ARE [NOT] HANDLED, it feels more organic than getting them when quests are finished

Thank you for the feedback. We wanted to fill out quests for both the main and island specific subquests with mucho flavour. I do understand that some are a bit boring at times, but can't give joy if none is trying to be found ;P

For the Five Island part of the main quest, we can re-word some of the NPC texts over the coming week. After a certain amount of testing retesting within staff we do end up with fluency on how the quest progress so lose a bit of sight in how the wording is layed out sometimes. Same with NPC flags for quest progression and what they should say at certain stages for both Lorelei and Winona.


And as seen, thank you for the players raising issues they have found onto the Playerdex. At a large release like this it is far better for us to track items raised. They are automatically flagged to us in our staff chat when created.


Aug 25, 2011
So far I'm enjoying Sevii a lot. I think I've completed most of the quests and I'm hunting right now.
Some feedback:

somehow I had to do Blaine part even if I had a pokemon with overheat. I'm grateful for that, since I was able to fight his team, but it didn't make sense logically. Maybe add some reason why fighting Blaine enhances your knowledge of fire moves? Maybe it was hinted, but not clearly enough

When quests are completed, there's a huge need to move from one island to the other to do the "post-main quests" stuff, and each time a ticket has to be used. Up until the update, paying for travelling was meant only as fast travel (with the exception of battle tower, but you could spend a lot of time there without moving around and you could use the faint-respawn trick). Now paying is necessary to access content, and it has to be done frequently. Is this on purpose? My personal opinion is that every location in the game should be free, and paying should be a bonus, for example for fast travel. It's not much of an issue, one can farm E4 to restock money, but I don't know if this is in the spirit of the game.

Anyway, loved the quest and I'm loving the maps and the spawns. I get that some stuff has to be polished but now I have days worth of hunting and enjoying the game, so thanks to everyone that made this possible!
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Nov 20, 2023
As a follow-up, I have posted the redacted versions of the Sevii Wiki pages. Enjoy~
Alrighty folks, the Sevii Wiki pages (including the Quest guide) have been completed. Will be making minor formatting adjustments and corrections moving forward, but all the relevant information should be there. Feel free to notify me regarding any issues.

Since the release, minor spawn changes have been made:

Apr 2024
  • Updated Arcanine to Ninetales in Six Island to match the EV set theme for that island.
  • Removed Spearow in Ruin Valley and changed to Furret to have Speed EV's for the EV set theme as well.
  • Lowered Riolu's avg lvl by 9 in Sevault Canyon to avoid it having the move Final Gambit.
  • Evolved the Bellsprout Line on Sevault Canyon and Sevault Canyon Entrance by one stage
  • Updated Machoke/Mankey to Arcanine in respective Sevaults.
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