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Apr 6, 2015
hi all.

when i started back in 2015, i needed some help to find the leek in Ilex Forest, and guru and jinji helped me. actually, jinji helped me more, since he found the leek, but having guru by our side was still fun. i took a screenshot during the search to be sure i'll never forget this moment. 4 years later, i still enjoy doing stuff with those 2, and also with other people i met since.

how did you met your first friends in pwo? if you have screenshot of it, share it.


On a more serious note, this thread is to suggest to add a party/group feature. It will be called "group" below, since party is already a common term to talk about the poks you carry with you. Do not share any screenshot of you making friends in this thread. Plus the story above is a huge lie. Jinji isn't a ghost.

A group would be constituted of 2 to 6 players.
To be part of a group, someone/the creator of an existing group has to send you a group request.
To leave a group, you can disconnect, click on your name in the group window and choose "Leave" or be kicked by the creator of the group (who simply needs to be pissed, to click on the name of the annoyance in the group window and to choose "Remove").
The creator of the group is the one who sent a group request.
When a player joins a group, the Group interface appears (as in the screenshot).
When a player leaves a group, the Group interface disappears.
When a player joins a group, a Group tab channel opens, if there wasn't any open yet. Only members of that group can interact in it.
When a player quits a group, that Group tab channel isn't closed, but that player can't interact anymore with members of said group via this channel.
If a member of a group faints a wild pokémon, the other members of said group that are in the same area earn a small percentage of experience earnt. The experience goes to the first pok in their team, and exp share does NOT give a percentage of that percentage to its holder. This does NOT work with NPC battles. Cash can NOT be earnt this way. The percentage isn't setted yet.

When you're in a group, you can do some group-friendly and group-only quests. To make it easier to understand, the following example considers the group is constituted of 3 members: A, B and C. Easy as 1 (member who sent the group request), 2 (first member to accept the group request), 3 (second member to accept the group request).
All members of the group have to talk to the NPC to start a group-friendly quest.
Once a member finishes a task, all members of the group have their task completed. For example, the task is to catch 1 Mankey. Only one member needs to catch it for all to complete the task.
When a task asks to collect multiple quest items, to catch multiple pokémons, or to battle multiple foes, the members shares what they collect, catch and the wins they earn. For example, the task is to catch 5 Mankey. If A caught 3 Mankeys, and C caught 2 Mankeys, then B doesn't need to catch any Mankey, and they all completed the task. Warning: players do NOT share exp and cash earnt by battling NPCs.
When a task asks to battle a special NPC (boss), the 1st pok of each member of the team are used in the battle, and each member of the group has 60 seconds to choose an action to do at each turn. The action that has been the mostly chosen is perfomed. If there's a tie between 2, 3 or 6 different actions, then it's randomly chosen between what the members have chosen. If all members didn't choose anything, then an action is randomly chosen between everything that can be done, minus Run Away and Items. This kind of special NPC should NOT be present out of group-only quests. The first pok of A is Charizard, the first pok of B is Lugia, and the first pok of C is Ditto. The team for this battle is (in the order) Charizard, Lugia and Ditto. With Charizard on the battlefield, if A and B chose to use Flamethrower and C chose to switch for Lugia, then Charizard use Flamethrower. With Charizard on the battlefield, if A chose to use Flamethrower, B chose to switch for Lugia and C chose to use a Potion on Ditto, then an action will be randomly chosen between using Flamethrower, switch on Lugia and using a Potion on Ditto.
When a task asks to talk to a NPC, all members have to talk to said NPC.
If a member is joining a group that is doing a group-friendly or group-only quest, that member has to complete by himself/herself the tasks the other members already completed. C joins the group, but A and B already did 2 tasks of the quest. C has to talk to the questgiver NPC, and do those two tasks before the following tasks can be shared.
If a member leaves the group while doing a group-friendly or group-only quest, and tries to do the quest with another group (or alone if wished in case of group-friendly), that player will continue at the task he/she stopped last time.
- create more bonds between players (especially for new players)
- higher difficulty in group-friendly quests for solo players
- if placed as in the screenshot, does not interfere with anything (even in battle)

- exp farming is easier
- if no cooperation between members, becomes anarchy/tyranny
- if you are a solo player, group-only quests are closed to you and group-friendly quests become harder than they were made for (yeah, it's both a pro and cons)
- client update (visual and coding stuffs)


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Aug 15, 2011
What Midou said. /disregards thread

In all seriousness: Though this is not a new idea, your suggested implementation sounds very well thought-out, Klay :)
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