Hot-N-Cold [EP. 4]: The Spooky And Bone-Chilling Reality


Aug 14, 2015

Hot-N-Cold [EP. 4]: The Spooky And Bone-Chilling Reality

Gaslight, Goosebump, and Ghostbust Our Way to the Top



Now that that is over, I have come to do the usual debrief. It should not look too much different from my past "Hot-N-Cold" posts, though I did not record day-to-day encounters. I did not think the length of the swarm warranted any special time-lapse graphs.

Data and Visuals




With my 9,984 encounters, the expected number of shinies is 5. I would have needed as low as 0 shinies or as high as 10 shinies to make a sufficient claim that my shiny chance is not 1/2048 with Membership. After a little bit of a 4-shiny hot streak on Nov. 9, my shiny total ended at 7 which I'm perfectly happy with. 3x Gastly, 2x Spinarak, 2x Haunter.


Okay, the general takeaways from my encounter numbers were that Gastly was more common than Spinarak, Woobat was more common than Misdreavus, and Yamask was a darn annoying spawn to find. Misdreavus holding/dropping Dusk Stones will help to evolve future Misdreavuses, Murkrows, and Lampents. Cubone holding/dropping Thick Club will help future, well, Marowaks thwack stuff. You only need at most 6 Thick Clubs for a full Marowak/Cubone team, and the rest can be donated as artifacts to the Pewter City Museum. Found myself a couple of good Foongus which I'll be happy to train for PvP action and the one Yamask I found was decent enough to use. Plenty of good Woobat flapping around and waiting to swoop the competition.

The new thing I added to this was a graph displaying the total amount of shinies caught by trainers willing to share. Of the 74 trainers I recorded to be hunting in the swarm: 52 answered/were at least partially recorded and 2 abstained. To be honest, that was a great turnout and goes to show the power of simply asking. As is, 32 trainers made up the 142 shiny total (18 trainers found 0 shinies). Surprisingly, S Haunter was caught just as much as S Spinarak. Of the surveyed trainers, four lucky individuals managed to land themselves a S Woobat and three others found a S Misdreavus. Kudos to them. I've attached a snippet of the top ten trainers contributing the most to the total above.

All in all, I had a grand time yucking it up in the Pokémon Tower 5F and trying to find ways to ignore/bear the nuisance of tallying every single encounter. In the words of the beloved Borat Sagdiyev: "GREAT SUCCESS!" (Is this the part where I drop some life advice? Um..err..Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. Don't worry 'bout the haters, they just J.E.A.L.O.U.S. ;) )

Edit: Oh, and how can I not shamelessly plug my Unofficial Event. Nov. 20 is the deadline!
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Mar 12, 2013
Great job Cleve! Love to see this data. Well presented and summarized as usual. This plus your hunting challenge (plus the great spawns) truly made this feel like a full-blown event, not just a swarm.


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Oct 8, 2011
I have to honor the amount of efforts that has been put into this. We have all seen AK going around asking people questions about the swarm spawns and a lot of fine details. It is really appreciated and we are all in your support. This is great for the community's future as we can see things getting documented in a cool way as always to be a reference for years to come. Hopefully the game will have its stocks rising like as of late.