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Oct 17, 2021

I remember starting this game several years ago. I'm interested in starting back up again, but it seems the game is still in Beta? Will it ever be fully released? Are there any plans to add other regions? Are there really only 100 pokemon to catch currently still?


Mar 12, 2013
Just copy/pasting Jinji's response from Discord for anyone else interested.
Jinji said:
PWO is under constant development and will likely be far into the future, as it is in the nature of MMOs to continue to evolve and grow over time. As regards your specific point about being referred to as a "Beta", the PWO Staff decided some time ago that PWO will continue to be referred to as a Beta project until such time as the server is consistently stable and there is enough content for it to be deemed to have solid gameplay. This includes, but is not limited to: All regions, a solid storyline, and the majority of non-legendary Pokémon being obtainable in some fashion. These goals are not thought likely to be met for a long, long while.

As for more regions, development of Sevii Islands is currently ongoing and Hoenn is planned following its completion. Regions beyond that have not yet been discussed.

There isn't really a defined schedule for updates, @Xowissa. Since we're a team of volunteers with different schedules and skills, we often focus on different things at different times. Updates happen when we have something new to release - if it's content, it usually goes in-game immediately; if it's an actual change to the client, or if we need to add new files to support new content etc, we'll announce a new update for people to download (and I'll build a new installer for people to get it).

Right now we're working on several large content updates, mainly focused around Sevii but not exclusively. In addition, I'm aware Bluerise is looking into quite a few client enhancements. At the moment we don't know when we will have these completed; but when we do, an update will be announced in due course

Are there really only 100 pokemon to catch currently still?
The homepage says "Over 300 Pokemon to collect and train". Not sure where you got 100 from.