Donation/Server Logs

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Nov 26, 2013
The Basics:

Since this is a newer topic and a newer concept, this topic is liable for editing at any time.

1) The game and websites are hosted on one server.
2) The server costs approximately $333 a month. 
3) No staff are paid to work on PWO. $0 goes to staff for their work.
4) "Ownership" of PWO is treated as a responsibility (NOT authority) between Admins and DEVs.
Ownership cannot be bought or otherwise opted in. It is a skill and trust-based council of existing staff. No amount of money suddenly makes you skilled or trusted for an admin/DEV position.
5) The money is hosted on Paypal. Admins and Devs have access to the paypal account(s)
6) Paypal is notorious for freezing accounts out of the blue and for no reason, locking access to payments.
          We may look into safer, alternate storage options due to this.
7) We will donate funds beyond our "emergency funds" cap to an as yet undecided charity.
          We will disclose amounts donated/allocated to charity monthly, at a cap. To avoid being a tempting legal target, we will just note "Charity donations: $300+"
          We know this could slightly raise eyebrows but we'd rather have unfounded accusations flung at us from players than a legal letter from Nintendo. 
8) There is no set time for me to update this. I will try to do it once per month, but there's not going to be an exact day per month.
9) We might look into more donation options outside of Paypal if necessary and if we have the time. 

If you have further questions, post it on a separate topic. This topic is for logs only. 

Not open for further replies.