Event (Closed) The Year of The Pig Closing Celebration!


Jul 14, 2016
I didn't get to play nearly as much as I would have liked (thanks alot nestle LOL) but what I did play of it, I really enjoyed! Thanks alot to all those involved, the effort was much appreciated!


May 9, 2013
Instead of my planned feedback consisting of a summation of positive and negative things, I have chosen to give a brief summary of (my experience of) the event in order to convey a better picture of the event as a whole.

The Beginning:
A measly 5 days after the Christmas event had ended, another taxing event popped up: this time we were celebrating the Chinese New Year by celebrating the year that was about to end. It started off strong with what was easily my favourite part of the event: the signpost. Though it wasn't that easy to find (No NPC other than the one standing next to it acknowledged its existence, and I believe the exclamation points signifying its importance were added later on), it could have served as a great way to let players complete multiple tasks without having to visit multiple NPCs and going through tons of meaningless dialogue just to end up with a fetch quest. Sadly enough it did pretty much all the story telling, and the tasks had to be completed in order.

The Middle:
The spawns on the map were stale, I don't think there's ever been a situation where this word was more appropriate. All pig Pokemon were represented: the rare encounter on the map was Spoink, and the common encounters consisted of all iterations of the Mankey and Swinub evolution line. And Ditto was thrown in as well, so there'd be something worth catching. The quests on the other hand were far from stale: after a handful of fetch quests came the bane of people's PWO career: an NPC battle so stacked against you that the only way to complete it succesfully was to have Mamoswine, preferably 2 or 3 of them, fully trained to level 100 as well as battle items to aid you. The opponent you needed these preparations for had twice as many Pokemon as you were allowed to use, all of them were at least 10 levels higher as your highest leveled Pokemon (unless your Pokemon were level 100 for some weird reason), had movesets to deal with the stuff you were forced to use against them and were rumoured to not only to have had perfect IVs, but perfect EVs, natures and battle items as well. It's safe to say that those who were not prepared, including players that started out not that long ago, didn't stand a chance without help from others.

Later On:
Those who figuratively had reached the summit and were able to overcome the challenge the NPCs embodied were now able to make offerings to the gate and gain access to the second map of the event. To no one's surprise the gate opened much sooner than the staff anticipated, and the culmination of everything you had to do to get to this point was a big empty map where, along with the usual spawns, Tepig was encounterable as well. A little bit further down the road, after what seemed to be an eternity, the levels of the gatekeeper NPCs were altered a bit, in the hope of making it more friendly towards new trainers, allowing them to be able to hunt Tepig as well. Though I don't know the exact changes that have been made, the intended results were mixed.

The Ending:
After weeks of trying to determine the end date, all we had to go by was that this celebration usually took a couple weeks and 'January'. January neared its end and there hadn't been an update made as to when the event would conclude, and then February followed... still not a word, then all the spawns were abruptly stripped away from the maps... still not a word, then the login message reverted back to how it was before the event had started... still not a word. And I suppose that was that.


May 16, 2014
Thanks for who worked for it, it was really nice event.
The structure of the event felt like i really play a pokemon game. The quests needed resources of both hunters,collecters and battlers in a modest fashion. One part having different moves one part having battle ready pokemon or a luck to find spoink in the first map and battle with tutors etc.
Resources granted in the event was huge, specific but huge. In stead of waiting in an inn it was like a safari. Not that i prefer one over but as a style it seemed so. Guilds did made sense as pokemons are more easily shared between members who welcomed it. Or simple having friends for pig network. Leaving out @Rygar s individual help, to more or less who ever needed.( someone should give this guy a cookie, really)

I agree with some parts of Isguros comment. Yea, spawm was stale,even in the temple. Just 1 t5 (practically spoink was already found in previous map) is kinda boring. Maybe 2-3 t5 in next event whose total encounter chance is a t5. Practically, 2 t6 lets say. But on the other hand if it were fun or realy super stuff in first map, those who lacked the resources to complete the quests will be hit a lot. They would have to choose between leveling a poke in the mid of an event or hunting something, with the cost of better hunts and vouchers in next event. I think it was purposeful that in the first map it was only ditto that matters. Lets not forget, not everybody want to take pokemons to battles. So it made sense that first map was quest loaded and rarely oriented to hunt. If we were to have like 5+ event in a year; that coud also be done; cost-benefit choice in a critical event. (in that case also it doesnt need to be new player friendly all the time) . Maybe the reason was that we aready saw an event just before this one.

The move accessibility was really good idea. Withouth making a "crisis" in market; we were able to get really specific and super rare moves. We can benefit from it too. Some breed moves joined to game withouth ever putting the pokemons needed, cool idea.

Facade was long waited as orbs were stocked ,which was good accuracy.
And about the endign part of isguros , i totally agree. I mean at least a "screw u guys,pigs going home" would do:D


PWO's Resident Gengar
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Aug 15, 2011
The event was supposed to end on 31st January, hence "end of the month"; however the Staff members able to remove the spawns became suddenly unavailable leading to an unplanned extension. Belemuel eventually removed the spawns, bringing the event officially to a close. I agree that the circumstances regarding the extension should have been communicated to the Playerbase; and it would have been better if a new date had been settled upon in advance, or failing this, a warning given of the imminent closure. I also agree there was a general lack of communication over timing for the event overall, for which I take partial responsibility - although I was going by the exact wording given to me by other Staff members at the time. Nevertheless, I will share all of this feedback with the other Staff in order that improvements are made for future events.


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Aug 7, 2016
...and were rumoured to not only to have had perfect IVs, but perfect EVs, natures and battle items as well...
i can confirm that Steelix had a Shell Bell. i think the Dragonair had Leftovers; don't remember any other item effects.

also, stale spawns indeed. Mankey is trivial to acquire, Swinub is easy to acquire and was also in the previous event, their evolutions served no useful purpose (except for level 5 mamoswine, i guess?), and Ditto is, well, Ditto (although t1 Ditto had the nice effect of making Smeargle training really easy, which was great). Spoink was decent, Tepig was a good choice, although it was way too hard to find, imo - it's nice to occasionally have repel hunting be a thing, but when a spawn is so hard that you basically have to use repels to have a chance to find it, and even then it takes hundreds of max repels to find it... that's not great. and also with the rarity of Ditto and Mamoswine in the area, repel hunting was mind-numbing boredom - i often went 10+ max repels without finding a thing. granted, that's more or less the point of repel, but still, it made it really hard to focus and not logout to go do something else.

that said, i really enjoyed the quests. yes, i already had battle-ready Mamoswine with items, so i don't have a perspective on the lower-level experience, but at least conceptually the quests were good. i especially liked the TMs made available - those are really useful ones, especially since Facade has no real alternative on the pokes that make use of it (as opposed to Fire Blast, where Flamethrower is a pretty decent alternative for most). also, the discounts on things like pokeballs and repels was a nice touch - maybe escape ropes next time? :p