Server Status

If you can't get into the game, first check that our server is online before reporting an issue. You can check the current status of the PWO Server by visiting our Server Status on our main site. It is suggested to leave at least five minutes between checks if you can't log in, as this is the amount of time it takes for a frozen (but not offline) server to be treated as such.

If the server is down, please check we have not announced a downtime first. All planned downtime will be announced on our Twitter account @PWO_ (

If the server is down or frozen, but no announcement has been made on Twitter about a downtime, then the server has unexpectedly encountered an error and needs an ADMIN or DEV to restart it. The best thing to do in such cases is come to our Discord and check if the Staff are aware of the downtime. Please DO NOT make a Forum topic about the downtime, as such threads become quickly outdated and only serve to clog up our Forum; and we will lock them immediately. The server will be up and running once an ADMIN or DEV is able to restart the server.

While the server is down, you are free to join our Discord server to chat with other players and Staff. This we have made easily accessible to you from our Chat page.