"P.U! So stinky!"

Good day, friend! The name be Mallow, but most people call I "The Stinkiest Garbodor" - or "Stinky" for short.

For a long time, I lived in a Garbage Dump south of Unova, makeing friends with the Poison Pokemon who lived there, the best friend of all being Muk. I still visit him in the sewers sometimes. One day though, I walked out the dump to see more of the world. That day be September 9, 2009, which I now celebrate every year.

Sadly Garbodor not be very liked, and soon after walking out the dump, I get into a lot of trouble, getting bad burns from unfair battles and being called many rude things, including "The stinkiest Pokemon ever to live" - which gived I the nickname "The Stinkiest Garbodor".

Why "Stinkiest"? All Garbodor have a smell, but I have one that people say be more stinky than any other Garbodor. I not be sure if that be true, but I do stink very badly most of the time - and that have maked makeing friends hard.

Luckily, a brave Trainer once taked pity on I and tryed to find I a home where I be more welcome. That home be here at PWO. Now I have a mission to show people that Poison Pokemon like I have both beauty and power. I love people who love Poison Pokemon and who allow I to stay natural no matter how gross I may be - but if you be a true friend to I, I do not mind takeing lots of baths and strong deodorant to keep the stench down for you too. I usually be able to control the stench to a good level so long as I do not use attacks or get too emotional...

Most of all, I love giveing hugs. Want one? I try not to get too much stinky sludge stuck to you ^-^
Sep 9, 2009 (Age: 14)
A contaminated garbage dump north of Unova
Pokemon, comedy, role-play, makeing friends.

Dislike: Haters.
The friendly biohazard


Mallow, aka "The Stinkiest Garbodor".
Toxic, but with a pure heart.

With thanks to Kuro.
and to xxlPanda.

with thanks to Borgore ("Stinkiest Garbodor"), str8trainer (in front of toxic barrels), Killua ("Loyal, Friendly, Stinky") and gingerprimarina (Vileplume, Muk and Garbodor).​


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