Ownership and Abilities


Nov 26, 2013
Before we begin, I want to note that you can ask related questions in your replies, as usual.
Just make sure to read the entire topic to make sure I didn't already answer it. I'll likely ignore repeat questions.

This topic is a continuation of the "A New Leg in our Journey" announcement. (Click here for link).


As many of you have doubtless noticed or at least heard about, we've changed ownership.
Instead of Xanatus being the sole owner, all of the Admins and Devs are putting in joint effort in that regard. This change is not being treated like a additional authority but as added responsibility.

The paypal account is under a single Admin's name. However, the Admins and Devs can see the balance at any time, cancel payments, and a DEV can access the account in an emergency.

We have shared access to the domain registration, server, etc and it can be reached in a pinch.

First, so we can prevent downtimes. No more waiting for domain renewals unless it is completely out of our hands. 
Second, we can now almost immediately (depending on user's paypal settings) know if a donation was valid or not. Instead of getting back to people at an indefinite time, we can do this almost immediately.
Third, we can make informed changes to the token store instead of stabbing in the dark and hoping changes won't make the game sink.
Forth, we can invest back into the game more readily if the income is enough. I don't mean paying staff - we won't make enough for that. But maybe we could get some really nice forum software, for example. 
Finally, TRANSPARENCY. We can know what we make, you can know what we make.

We have moved to a single octa-core server. Costs are $333* monthly.
*May be slightly inaccurate, we'll know for sure when we renew for next month.

And look!

Remember that "I wish" and "if only we could" talk about money and where it goes? That dream is now our reality.

Where is the server?/What are the risks?
I -think- we're still in Sweden, but frankly that doesn't matter. The Paypal is in the USA and thus could be frozen at any time for any reason. After we survive and settle for a bit it might be worth looking at alternate storage methods for obvious reasons.

What about paysafe/etc?
We're open to looking into these but it may take a while to set up. If you have a list of GOOD payment systems that do not require us to be pre-approved, send them to Rig in a forum private message. Nothing else or she'll lost track of them.

Immediate goals:
We want to make next month's "rent" and if possible build up a safety net for the next several months. 

We need to know how much we make on any given month and plan properly accordingly. If donations spike this month and fall off a couple months from now, and we planned inaccurately, that can suck.

I'll make a change log based on server costs and goals after this month, so keep an eye out for that. I can't promise I will share every single dollar at the moment (if we appear to have too much we become a target for lawyers), but for those of you that keep up, you should have a good idea.

Also, staff will now know exactly what we make.

Ok cool, but after you make enough to coast for a while, what will you do?
We are heavily considering donating it to charity. We want to keep it related to what PWO is already doing, so perhaps something like Child's Play seems appropriate. We don't really want to get too ahead of ourselves though, so haven't dug into this too much.

Feel free to suggest them in the comments and we'll check them out. Make sure they're related to something you think PWO is doing, such as providing a safe environment for people/providing free entertainment.

Inb4 the "donate everything to [your username here]" charity is suggested.


As some of you have already noticed, you can change a Pokemon's ability through the Playerdex. Once.

This is a temporary system. You cannot change natures, and we will not let you change natures no matter how much it is asked for or insisted upon. We fully expect to remove this Playerdex system once the full one is added. Adding natures means you can ignore the new system and make a perfect Pokemon for free; not gonna happen. 

We made a temporary ability system for a few reasons:
a) Battling was overly stagnant. Tanks ruled the lands, etc. Abilities help with that and add some diversity. Diversity and meta shifts also tend to help the market.
b) You guys needed a visible and impactful update. NPC redos are all fine and dandy but at the end of the day, you guys aren't going to feel that impact.
c) It hurts nothing and doesn't compromise our future plans.

So enjoy. Just be careful what you choose.

Not all abilities are working right now. It was not part of the full battle system test from long ago. 

Here is a list of which abilities are implemented (click here for link).

Please use it before changing a Pokemon's abilities. It's on the wiki.

In the unlikely event you run into an incorrectly labelled ability, feel free to leave a report on the playerdex. The client is usually for visual issues, for reference.
Pokemon will still always start with their first ability.

To avoid scams:
If a Pokemon has its first nature (use google), its ability can be changed.

The next event is still on track but was obviously delayed by downtimes/etc. That aside, PWO appears to be moving along nicely.

That should be all. Any questions? Need clarification?
Keep in mind that we can't give time estimates for anything.


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Sep 16, 2011
This is one of those updates, where you know you'll see something truly amazing happen as a result. I've got my eye on this.


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Oct 17, 2011
Attic said:
Pickpocket ability doesn't work. Tested.

Please report this on the Bug Catcher on the Playerdex. Give details of your testing.


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Jun 10, 2012
Mold breaker and sheer force really don't work? so no spatk nido's?


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May 28, 2014
otakumito said:
qual vou lutar com o Brock ele nao quer lutar :mad:  como arumar isso

Se você perdeu para ele então terá de esperar por 48h para lutar com ele novamente.

Tenta falar em inglês, terá uma resposta mais rápido.