Donar's Changelog


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Oct 22, 2013
Please report any errors/bugs you find on the Playerdex Bug Catcher  :)
Note that some of the newer changes (e.g. those dated for today) might not be live yet as they require a server restart to be applied. This log does only include changes relevant for players.

Currently working on:
  • Fixing bugs
  • Implementing more held items
  • Mapping/scripting an event
24th Nov 17:
  • Implemented in battle functionality for the following held items:

    • [*]Black Sludge
      [*]Flame Orb
      [*]Toxic Orb
      [*]Sticky Barbs
      [*]Deep Sea tooth
      [*]Deep Sea Scale
      [*]Thick Club
      [*]Light Ball
      [*]Assault Vest
      [*]Light Clay
      [*]Adamant Orb
      [*]Lustrous Orb
      [*]Griseous Orb
      [*]Weakness Policy
      [*]Air Balloon
      [*]Power Herb
      [*]White Herb
      [*]Metal Powder,
      [*]Quick Powder
      [*]Soul Dew
      [*]Black Belt
      [*]Black Glasses
      [*]Dragon Fang
      [*]Hard Stone
      [*]Metal Coat
      [*]Miracle Seed
      [*]Mystic Water
      [*]Never-Melt Ice
      [*]Silk Scarf
      [*]Pink Bow
      [*]Polkadot Bow
      [*]Poison Barb
      [*]Sharp Beak
      [*]Silver Powder
      [*]Soft Sand
      [*]Spell Tag
      [*]Twisted Spoon
      [*]All gems (Fire gem, Water gem, etc.) - these follow gen 6+ mechanics of boosting 30% instead of 50%
13th Nov 17:

04th June 17:
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Natural Cure

01st June 17:
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Tangled Feet

28th May 17:
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Bad Dreams

20th May 17:
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Pickpocket

10th May 17:
  • Fixed an issue with 1-hit-KO accuracy calculations
  • Fixed it so there is no happiness loss in no-exp battles (Battle Tower)
  • Fixed Pokemon still being locked into move after choice item is removed
  • Fixed EV lowering berries not awarding happiness
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Color change
  • Fixed Pokemon being able to gain a status ailment after being fainted
9th May 17::
  • Fixed the moves Explosion & Selfdestruct not causing any damage

6th May 17:
  • Fixed an issue with the ability Leaf Guard

5th May 17:
  • Fixed order of execution for secondary move effects
  • Fixed Wake-Up Slap, Smelling Salts & Venoshock ignoring Substitute
  • Fixed the ability Color Change
  • Implemented the following abilities:

    • [*]Defeatist
      [*]Wonder Skin
      [*]Tangled Feet
      [*]Storm Drain
      [*]Slow Start
      [*]Magic Guard

4th May 17:
  • Fixed poison damage not visually updating the HP bar
  • Implemented the following abilities:

    • [*]Tinted Lens

3rd May 17:
  • Added missing check for the ability Bad Dreams
  • Fixed malformed wiki links

2nd May 17:
  • Fixed an error with the move Wonder Room
  • Fixed the abilities Arena Trap & Shadow Tag
  • Implemented the following abilities:

    • [*]Skill Link
      [*]Weak Armor
      [*]Run Away
      [*]Liquid Ooze
      [*]Anger Point
      [*]Iron Fist
      [*]Poison Heal
      [*]Solar Power
      [*]Quick Feet
      [*]Solid Rock
      [*]Bad Dreams
      [*]Heavy Metal
      [*]Light Metal
      [*]Toxic Boost
      [*]Flare Boost
      [*]Poison Touch
      [*]Big Pecks
      [*]Sap Sipper
      [*]Huge Power

1st May 17:
  • Fixed potions used in battle not permanently healing
  • Updated the link parser
  • Fixed the ability Ice Body


13th November 16:
  • Changed it so uncatchable Pokemon can never be shiny

31st August 16:
  • Fixed an error with Choice items not updating the client on removal

16th August 16:
  • Fixed pokedex updating when catching a transformed pokemon

10th August 16:

6th February 16:
  • Fixed an error with Heal Bell and Aromatherapy

15th Februar 16:
  • Added Tyrogue evolution line
  • Changed it so item manipluation is non-permanent if used by a wild pokemon
  • Fixed a problem regarding move type checkes

14th Februar 16:
  • Fixed behaviour of trapping moves (Mean Look and similar) when the user leaves the field
  • Fixed a wrong check for the ability Shield Dust
  • Fixed hit check for status attacks
  • Fixed a problem regarding wrong order of priority in special cases
  • Fixed Intimidate ignoring the opponents Substitute
  • Changed it so fainting removes status conditions
  • Fixed Leech Seed getting removed when a switch move (U-Turn, etc.) is used
  • Fixed Wish effect lasting longer than supposed to

07th February 16:
  • Fixed it so Focus Sash gets temporarily removed after being triggered once

02nd February 16:
  • Fixed Dry Skin and Rain Dish dealing damage under rain instead of healing

30th January 16:
  • Fixed Swallow not updating HP display for client

19th January 16:
  • Fixed an error relating to EV in random battles
  • Fixed Shedinja not being revivable
  • Changed Revive to restore 50% instead of 10%
  • Changed Revive to be selectable instead of default to first team slot

13th January 16:
  • Reimplemented rarity displays

12th January 16:
  • Fixed self targeting moves failing if opponent fainted

06th January 16:
  • Fixed Yawn not failing if the target already has a status condition

04th January 16:
  • Fixed being locked into a move even after choice item was removed


30th December 15:
  • Changed it so percentage based damage always deals at least 1 damage

26th December 15:
  • Fixed Struggle not dealing recoil damage
  • Fixed partially trapping moves being set when completely ineffective

25th December 15:
  • Changed it so players are automatically put on their surfboard on login if they are on water

13th December 15:

August 15:
  • Fixed the following moves:        
    • Sand Tomb
    • Fire Spin
    • Magma Storm
    • Whirlpool
    • Wrap
    • Bind
    • Clamp
    • Detect
    • Protect
    • Quickguard
    • Reflect
    • Light Screen
    • Haze

01st August 15:
  • Fixed an error with Taunt

29th July 15:
  • Playerdex Changes:
    • Added display of moves to the PokéMart pages

28th July 15:
  • Playerdex Changes:
    • Added mart filters for Eggs, Berries and Held Items
    • Changed Stone filter to Evolution Items
    • Enabled selling of Held Items and Berries

23th July 15:
  • Playerdex Changes:
    • Added display of Gender, Nature, Ability and Held Item

22th July 15:
  • Playerdex Changes:
    • Added display and calculation of EV

21th July 15:
  • Playerdex Changes:
    • Fixed HP display
    • Added proper gender ratio handling to the token store
    • Added support for Move Tutor Moves

20th July 15:
  • Fixed Hone Claw
  • Added a temporary 2 Pokemon requirement for PVP

18th July 15:
  • Fixed switching moves still working on complete immunity
  • Fixed behaviour of Mean Look

25th June 15:
  • Fixed type effectiveness message for Hidden Power

10th June 15:
  • Changed Milk drink to work based on max HP instead of current HP

09th June 15:
  • Fixed Roost status not getting removed at the end of the turn
  • Added several checks to XS

07th June 15:
  • Fixed Natural Cure still getting triggered if the Pokemon is fainted

06th June 15:
  • Fixed an issue with switching

05th June 15:
  • Removed false messages for special cases of Snor and Sleep Talk
  • Fixed a bug with Outrage and similar moves not being interrupted under certain conditions
  • Fixed temporary stat changes being displayed in the pokemon chat links
  • Fixed wrong behaviour of maxed out stage when trying to lower it

13th May 15:
  • Fixed error with immunity for static damage moves

07th May 15:
  • Changed Softboiled to work based on max HP instead of current HP

01st May 15:
  • Fixed an issue with Pursuit
  • Added new tools for mappers

27th April 15:
  • Fixed a client-sided maploading issue
  • Fixed PVP battle requests

26th April 15:
  • Client Changes:
    • Changed map downloading, this should be faster now
    • Fixed gender display for opponent
    • Fixed sliding on Ice tiles, also added support for other auto-moving tiles
  • Server Changes:
    • Fixed Final Gambit
    • Added Accuracy and Evasion (I'm aware this has potential for abuse in battle, if players see it as hurting PVP too much I will look into a solution)
    • Introduced weather (Weather inducing abilities such as Drizzle work according to Gen 6, not 5)
    • Added support for the following abilities:
      • Oblivious
      • Cute Charm  
      • Rivalry
      • Dry Skin
      • Leaf Guard
      • Hydration
      • Rain Dish
      • Swift Swim
      • Sand Force
      • Sand Rush
      • Sand Veil
      • Ice Body
      • Snow Cloak
      • Chlorophyll
      • Air Lock
      • Drought
      • Drizzle
      • Sand Stream
      • Snow Warning

17th April 15:
  • Fixed an error with Roost
  • Fixed a crashed caused by Synchronize

16th April 15:
  • Fixed Mean Look, Embargo, Psycho Shift, Yawn, Refresh & Heal Block
  • Added Heal Pulse (derp on my part, thought this was a self-healing move   so it's working like that for right now  ::) )

14th April 15:
  • Fixed Rest & Psych Up
  • Added support for Early Bird ability
  • Added in-battle support for Shell Bell

13th April 15:
  • Added support for Technician ability

12th April 15:
  • Fixed several issues with Outrag, Petal Dance & Thrash
  • Fixed an issue with Taunt
  • Fixed a bug involving Baton Pass not properly passing boost stages
  • Added Cotton Spore

11th April 15:
  • Fixed a server freeze caused by an endlessloop
  • Fixed Pokemon not being visually updated when they level up or gain exp

09th April 15:
  • Fixed an error with some healing moves healing twice (I seem to have made a small error so they won't heal at all until the next restart, sorry :( )
  • Fixed a small error with Taunt
  • Self-targeting moves will now be executed even if the opponent died in the same turn

8th April 15:
  • Changed the multi-hit calculation to follow Gen 5 standards (previously there was an equal chance to hit any amount of times)
  • Fixed mult-hit moves being able to hit up to 6 times
  • Fixed an error with Sucker Punch
  • TMs should now no longer be removed if the move wasn't taught
  • Nerfed the chance of the AI using a healing move on low HP
  • Fixed calculation for several healing moves
  • The moves Smack Down, Roost, Magnet Rise, Aqua Ring, Nightmare and Destiny Bond should now be fully working
  • Changed Extreme Speed to +2 Priority (previously +1)

7th April 15:
  • Corrected Smelling Salts power to 60
  • Fixed a check regarding item usage in PVP battles
  • Added Razor Shell to Shellder's moveset
  • Added Icicle Crash to Cloyster's moveset

6th April 15:
  • Fixed Leech Seed resurrecting dead Pokemon
  • Fixed Pursuit getting +7 Priority even when the opponent was not changing
  • Fixed a bug relating to special attack moves being calculated wrongly when critting
  • Fixed first ability assignment of all Pokemon

5th April 15:
  • Fixed a crash with Aromatherapy when used by wild Pokemon
  • Fixed statuses being applied after the opponent switched a fainted Pokemon
  • Fixed Leftovers and status damage not happening at the end of the turn if the Pokemon couldn't move
  • Fixed a bug with fire attacks removing any status instead of just freeze

    4th April 15:
    • Client Changes:
      • Fixed an error with switching moves
      • Added display of gender
    • Server Changes:

      • Abilities: (Added/Fixed)
        • Speed Boost
        • Guts
        • Sturdy
        • Water Absorb
        • Volt Absorb
        • Adaptability
        • Compound Eyes
        • Hustle
        • Marvel Scale
        • Pure Power
        • Thick Fat
        • Serence Grace
        • Stench
        • Synchronize
        • Effect Spore
        • Flame Body
        • Poison Point
        • Static
        • Rough Skin
        • Iron Barbs
        • Aftermath
        • Magnet Pull
        • Motor Drive
        • Steadfast
        Moves: (Added/Fixed)
        • Sleep Talk
        • Snore
        • Taunt
        • Stored Power
        • Crush Grip
        • Foul Play
        • Metal Burst
        • Electro Ball
        • Smelling Salts
        • Wake-Up Slap
        • Venoshock
        • Magnitude
        • Punishment
        • Psyshock
        • Wring Out
        • Counter
        • Mirror Coat
        • Pursuit
        • U-Turn
        • Baton Pass
        • Volt Switch
        • Hidden Power
        Held Items: (Added/Fixed)
        • Razor Fang
        • Expert Belt
        • Life Orb
        • King's Rock
        • Rocky Helmet
        • Muscle Band
        • Wise Glasses
        • Choice Band
        • Choice Specs
        • Choice Scarf
        • Evoiolite
        • Focus Sash
        • Antidote
        • Paralyze Heal
        • Awakening
        • Burn Heal
        • Ice Heal
        • Full Heal
        • Repel
        • Super Repel
        • Max Repel
        Other Stuff:
        • Fixed Spikes & Toxic Spikes immunity
        • Fire Spin and similar moves only hit once now (the proper functionality will be added in a later update)
        • Heal Bell & Aromatherapy now don't cause EXP to be shared with the whole team
        • Statuses don't overwriting each other now
        • Volatile statuses are now separate from the non-volatile status
        • Thunder Wave doesn'T affect ground-type Pokemon now
        • Leech Seed doesn't work on grass-type Pokemon now
        • Burn/Poison damage now only applies once
        • Switching a fainted Pokemon in PVP now doesn't require input from the opponent
        • Tweaked the AI slightly
      • Changed the RNG, this should be way better now
      • All damaging fire moves now unfreeze the target

    • 21th March 15:
      • Client Changes:
        • Fixed the freezing issues
        • Fixed the problem with more than 5 open chat tabs
        • Added Day/Night option to toggle lighting effects
        • Removed misplaced fade after wild battles

    • 14/15th March 15:
      • Client Changes:
        • Removed hardcoded tiles
        • Added a new layer to mapfiles for movement permissions (The mapeditor will get a public update to support this shortly)
        • Added support for .rar compressed maps (Biggest map loading time down to 3 second from previously 40)
        • Disabling weather in the options now is also applied in battles
        • Disabling weather no longer disables day/night lighting
        • All still water tiles (not just specific ones) now show a reflections when standing above them
        • Added support for tile animations
        • Fixed visual bug with sprites and shadows poking out under bridges at various places
        • NPCs no longer look like they are standing on top of the player if they are directly beneath them
        • Added support for foot & bike prints
        • Fixed it so you can change tabs in battle if your backpack or map is opened
        • Added support for Baton Pass, U-Turn & Volt Switch (not yet implemented server side)
        • Implemented a blocking feature similar to the ignore function. The difference is, this one is handled by the client and stores blocked users in the block.txt so they are not lost on session end
          /block <username> will block all messages from a user, so both PMs and any messages in channels
          /block <username> again will unblock the user and unhide any messages in channels
          /block will give a list of blocked users, this list is also shown on login to remind of blocked users

          Blocking a user will also block yourself from sending them PMs, this is to avoid any abuse of this feature.
          Blocking staff is not possible.
        • Various code optimizations
      • Server Changes:
        • Added permission handling (combined with the Client this means we now can have bridges that can be crossed over and under)
        • Fixed it so the surfboard doesn't accidentally activate itself after battles anymore
        • Several changes to the RNG
        • Added support for status healing items
        • Pokemon no longer lose Happiness when fainting in PVP
        • Pokemon fainting outside of PVP now lose 1 Happines (previously 5)
        • Gaining Happiness on level up now works according to Gen 5 standards
        • Holding Sooth Bell now gives 1.5x on all positive Happiness changes
        • Added in-battle support for Focus Sash
        • Abilities:
          • Added Hyper Cutter
          • Added Natural Cure
          • Added Shed Skin
          • Fixed Blaze, Torrent, Overgrow & Swarm
            (These were previously implemented, however, due to an error in the damage calculation the changed attack power wasn't used in non-crits)
        • Moves:
          • Re-added healing to: Absorb, Leech Life, Giga Drain & Mega Drain
          • Solar Beam, Sky Attack, Razor Wind & Skull Bash now require a charge up turn
          • Fixed Curse; if used by a ghost type it takes half of it's max HP and applies a curse to the target
          • Status Moves such as Hypnosis no longer are affected by type immunity
          • Fixed a few missed moves that could still be used in a recharge turn
          • Fixed Leech Seed damage/heal calculation
          • Fixed Return & Frustration, they now change attack power based on happiness
          • Fixed False Swipe, it now leaves 1 HP when it would otherwise faint the target
          • Fixed Pursuit, it now hits and deals more damage before the opponent switches pokemon (this includes Baton Pass, U-Turn & Volt Switch when they get fully implemented) - Excluded from this update because of too many bugs found last minute
          • Fixed Counter & Mirror Coat, the now work as in the handhelds - See above
          • Super Fang no longer is affected by damage halving caused by burn status
          • Fixed several issues with Roar
          • Fixed Gyro Ball, Grass Knot, Low Kick, Brine, Eruption, Water Spout, Reversal, Flail & Heavy Slam (See abilities-> last point on list)
        • General Battle Changes:
          • Added entry hazards: Spikes (stack up to 3 times), Toxic Spikes (badly poisons if stacked), Stealth Rock
          • Rapid Spin now removes all entry hazards as well as leech seed
          • Confusion and Curse are lost on pokemon changing now
          • Confusion, Curse & Seeded status are lost on battle end now
          • Health of opponent is now displayed correct after switching (This currently has the small side-effect of the opponent appearing to take damage)
          • Status damage no longer gets triggered on battle end (e.g running)

    • Note: There is a small issue with Spikes and Toxic Spikes currently. This will be fixed in an upcoming server update which should be out pretty soon.


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Apr 14, 2013
9 days without update any ability.

congratulations for the great work !

you and all others staff.

meanwhile server: 46/500

and is better u release natures for all pokes already caught.

or than closed the game.

all the players wait it !