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    Client The Elite 4 / 1.98.2

    Thank you! Couldn't wait any more :)
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    Client The Elite 4 / 1.98.2

    wow! so nice! Thank you!
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    Event The Christmas Mission

    Thank you for the event! A little feedback: I think the event was fun and, as altready said, spawns were challenging and fun. Loved the event hunging-wise. All quests were different from anything you tried before and I really appreciate that. I had to think in new ways, and it was fun in the...
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    Introducing myself as a new staff member

    Nice! Keep up with the good work!
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    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    Thank you for the event! I feel an event was needed, now more players are active again. Some piece of feedback: I felt the event could have had a little bit more quests, maybe after having access to the second area. I get it was a hunting event, and it's good to have a variation between hunting...
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    Event The Joy of Halloween!

    Thank you very much! I missed events
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    Event Swarms in the Forests!

    thanks for the much needed item!
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    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    Thank you for the event. In hindsight, it was challenging but not impossible to beat the pinkan armor quest, although I still think if was pretty frustrating to get a 10 slowbro streak with no drops. Anyway, it's been fun!
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    Event [Closed] Join Pinkan Island to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    I have to agree this sort of quest is a bit frustrating. What makes it feel hopeless is that the hardest part is required in order to unlock the most highly-sought-after spawn, so the quest and the hunt can't be done in parallel, and instead after much time investment one has to spend much time...
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    Event (Closed) The Year of The Pig Closing Celebration!

    Thank you for the event! I enjoyed it very much. Some feedback: - Duration was enough so that everyone could catch T4 and T5 pokemons; I enjoyed this. - Liked very much the quest in which you needed different moves. It was challenging, fun, and required planning and thinking. I'd enjoy to see...
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    Event Christmas Clash

    thank you for the event, it was really fun!
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    Playerdex Playerdex Update - September 2018

    thank you very much!
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    [Closed] Extended Bird Party! (March 8 - March 15)

    RE: Bird Party is Open and Extended! (March 8 - March 15) Thanks for the event! The bird evaluator is a good and original idea! Also, I appreciated that the announcement for this event was given some days in advance. I'm enjoying this event, but at the same time I prefer quest events than...
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    Bird Party in the Pewter Museum Holodeck Next Week (March 8 - March 11)

    good! It has been quite some time since the last event, I was missing them