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    Hot-N-Cold [EP. 4]: The Spooky And Bone-Chilling Reality

    Great job bro, congrats on all the work.
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    Community Spotlight Interview w/ Ramensnoodle #1 | The AOK Times

    Great work, very interesting. congrats.
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    AFK Timer extension.

    15 minutes
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    Event Sun, Sea and Hunting!

    Draco Meteor Thunderpunch / Firepunch Drain punch Seed bomb
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    Can’t find Discord link
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    Swarm ( poll ends on Friday 13th at 5PM UTC ) Swarm will start UTC Friday 8pm - Monday12pm

    Great pokemon options for swarm, except spiritomb, it's been years since skorupi and hippo appeared, I love the idea of having new skorupis/Hippo. Thanks for the swarm and good luck to the new team member.
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    "Token Gift Cards"

    this is really a great idea.
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    Event Where the cold reigns

    Congratulations, great event.
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    Event Nightmare in Grimewood

    Very good event, ty
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    The 2020 PWO awards

    Congratulations @Isguros, I like this vote, I missed the category, the best negotiator. It’s good to see new names in some categories.
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    Smeargle Guide

    The best for kanto safari.
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    How to make "easy" money into the game?

    I think it is worthwhile to make this attempt, but a suggestion that could help, would be some type of item or event bonus that would double the money at the end of the battle (wild), so the player could get more money during the event and still make the objectives of the event.
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    Average price predictor

    Great job, a service that will help many people.
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    The 2019 Pwo Awards

    Ty for the votes, good game for all. :D