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    My next journey

    Its something awesome to see. But I have a little suggestion. How about you make one thread and keep updating it with different episodes by adding comment on that said thread? It can be even easier for people to track them all in sequence as well.
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    Battling for a Brighter Tomorrow - PvP and Battle Suggestions

    Gotta get this bumped as a thanking for adding Assault vest as requested. We also hope for more as well.
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    Finally got a Token Store shiny...

    It's always well deserved when it comes to someone who has a love for the game. Gratz.
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    Old player returning :)

    Welcome back. It's time to enjoy more than before.
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    Hide n seek

    Tms aren't to be forgotten
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    Hide n seek

    Egg moves too. I reported it on discord earlier.
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    Hot-N-Cold [EP. 4]: The Spooky And Bone-Chilling Reality

    I have to honor the amount of efforts that has been put into this. We have all seen AK going around asking people questions about the swarm spawns and a lot of fine details. It is really appreciated and we are all in your support. This is great for the community's future as we can see things...
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    Tournament prizes

    I will keep it simple. The official tournaments aim to bring people together to play and participate in battling so basically all you have to do is to make a list of tournament types based on their importance and ranks to be able to drain the most amount of people to fight for the prizes and...
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    Hide n seek

    Once again thanks for being there when the hopes were high. I had everyone asking me if there will be anything new these days once I logged in.
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    desya's online server

    Don't worry, I'm around and even more active than those who just come during events.
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    desya's online server

    I'll try to be real. A Pokemon-based game in general (and aside from PWO on its own) is a routine game at which you do story/hunt/battle. By time any normal human being will need to renew by doing something different. That's why you won't find all the active players in game all the time. Just...
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    PWO Unofficial Quitting Assistance Program (PUQAP)

    Finally a place at which my pokes will feel safe after marriage or even during vacations. I give you more support than Dwayne Johnson for presidency.
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    Can't enter the Union room