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lost pokemon
after so many years.. i have decided to play again..but my other pokemons are missing. example Snorlax,charizard,pikachu,blastoise,venusaur.. also my bike
Are you sure you haven't traded them off before you quit playing in the past? A lot of players who do not believe they intend to return, sell off their possessions beforehand.
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im not really sure..but in my trade history. none...and i also still got 30k on my money,,anyway..ill just hunt again..thanks
Your logs won't go back far enough. You did give away pokemon and money before you left. If you think this was done by someone other than you, you could post an Account Issue on the Playerdex and I will look into it.
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Try typing /ref or relog- make sure you also restart your clientNext ask in help channel for staff to move you, or ask in IRC Chat. If stuck on water use '3' shortcut to get back on your surfboard. You can also battle someone to lose (ask in battle channel and give your highest level) and by default be sent back to your last pokemon center. Escape Ropes (550pd at Dept. Stores) will do the same thing as losing a battle.

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