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Ash's Pokemon Levels
I got bored and decided to play around with levels for Ash's pokemon and this is what I came up with Cool . I pretty much did what I would consider the 6 pokemon he would have on his ultimate team. (by ultimate team I mean his most powerful team while still keeping type variety) but I'll gladly try a few request if anyone has any ideas Smile Some of these were very simple while others needed some though XD. Let me know what you all think. Thanks! Big Grin

1.       Pikachu: level 91(lvl100alt)

This one was a pain, a major pain, a super pain. I almost considered making Ash’s Pikachu a level 100 since that is the max pokémon level and Pikachu has been with Ash since day one. I however decided that would be too easy and lazy so I tried to come up with a figured number just to put with it (note I still think 100 but oh well here we go). To come up with Pikachu’s level I kind of looked to the old gen 1 and gen 2 games as inspiration, more specifically Red’s Pikachu. Red’s Pikachu in all actuality is based on Ash’s Pikachu anyway so it was a good place to build on. In pokémon yellow Blue’s most powerful pokémon is his Eeveelution at 65. In order for Pikachu to have a chance against the eeveelution he would need to be at least 10% more powerful imo.  So I multiplied 65 times 1.1 (10%) and got 71.5 which I rounded up to 72. IMO Red’s Pika could have realistically been this level when facing Blue (this going by head canon lore and not including player involvement). 3 years after the defeat of Blue in G/S/C we find Red with a now level 81 Pikachu. Dividing 72 from 81 gives us the result of 1.125 (12.5% increase). Even though Ash himself doesn’t seem to age let’s say, for the sake of productive development, that each series of pokémon takes place in about a year. If that’s the case then Pikachu has currently been traveling with Ash for 6 years (almost 7). If Red’s pika grew by 12.5% in 3 years it seems reasonable that Ash’s Pika could be similar. So we add on another 12.5% to the 81 (or another 3 years to the 3 years that has already passed 3+3 does = 6 after all LOL) we get 91.125 which we round down to level 91. Damn it Pikachu! Why must you make this so difficult?  XD
2.       Charizard: level 78

Charizard (as a Charmander) was already at least level 46 when he battled Koga (he knew fire spin, a move Charmander learned at 46 in gen 1). He then learned dragon rage in “Charizard Chills” which would have him be around level 54 (dragon rage can’t be learned in gen 1 by Charizard but is possible in gen 2 which I think are the rules orange islands went by) . I then went back over and counted the battles won by Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard from “The Ninja Poké-Showdown” to “Charizard Chills”. Going by the math he was averaging a gain of just under 1.4 levels per victory (having won 6 battles in between those 2 episodes).  From “Charizard Chills” till “Fires of Red Hot Reunion”, Charizard won a total of 14 battles, going by the 1.4 levels per win formula that would give him 19.6 levels gained (which rounds up to 20.) 20 levels gained + 54 starting level gives a level of 74. I realized that level made perfect sense considering the last move learned by a Charizard in gen 5 is Flare Blitz at level 77 (and as of gen 7 this is still the case). It then made me consider the possibility that Charizard had completed his training at the Charicific Valley (considering Ash did not send him back there after the end of the Black and White series) Had Charizard indeed completed his training it is quite possible he had learned Flare Blitz which would in the end make him atleast 77 so I decided to go on and push his level to 78. Also if Charizard had trained as hard as his determination would have us believe, then a 4 level stretch from his minimum of 74 is quite plausible.

3.       Sceptile: level 68

Hey finally one that is actually kind of easy LOL.  Sceptile learn Leaf Storm at 67, and that’s the most powerful move Ash’s Sceptile has used. It was with that move that he was able to beat an undefeated Darkrai. With than in mind he at least a level 68 imo.

4.       Greninja: level 65 (lvl67alt)

As much as I love Greninja the simple fact that his highest level move used is water shurikan (learned at evolution so basically level 36) it makes it difficult to push hard for him being as high a level as I rightfully think he is. I decided to make him a level 65 (puts him just a few levels below the 68 Hydro Pump) maybe that’s a little bit of a reach and unlikely considering Greninja was only on Ash’s team for a single series run, but for the time he was on the team he was a difference maker. He may not know hydro pump but still a major BA.

5.       Snorlax: 60

Ash’s Snorlax first uses Hyper Beam during the Orange Islands saga (which if Charizard’s dragon rage is any indication, that saga uses gen 2 rules for moves). This would put Snorlax at least level 57. Considering it’s lazy nature and lack of participation in battles I would say it has gained no more than 3 levels since.

6.       Heracross: 56

This is also another relatively simple level to come up with, Heracross first uses Megahorn in the Johto League Championships which in Gen2 would be learned at level 54. The reason for level 56 is that Heracross didn’t battle much after it was discovered he could use Megahorn but he did win at least 2 so I’ll add 2 bonus levels.
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as it rises from the flames again!

greninja is obviously lvl100 :p
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Would love to make gren, scept, and zard all 3 100 lol but I'm trying to be semi reasonable here XD
Nothing can stop the fire of a burning desire
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as it rises from the flames again!


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