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Missing pokemon
Today i found out i have a missing Blaziken #27343943
If you have any issue like this with your account, you can report an account issue in Community Watch
[Image: 18011109410016763115444748.png]
ok . thank you
Just for your general information. This was a staff transfer and when we have to transfer anything from a player's account for any reason and you are not online at the time we will leave a message on your Playerdex.

You will see this message as a notification on the far right of the top menu in your Playerdex while logged in. New notifications also create an area below this to inform you that you have not read them as yet.
STUCK? Read this:
Try typing /ref or relog- make sure you also restart your clientNext ask in help channel for staff to move you, or ask in IRC Chat. If stuck on water use '3' shortcut to get back on your surfboard. You can also battle someone to lose (ask in battle channel and give your highest level) and by default be sent back to your last pokemon center. Escape Ropes (550pd at Dept. Stores) will do the same thing as losing a battle.

Black Map:
PWO Discord Chat Server:
PWO wiki Troubleshooting page

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