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I'm having problem with the mission Earthquake Quest
I'm trying to make the earthquake quest, but I always miss the mission with the message that I have passed from time. But I am always within time. Any tips? Should not I battle with npcs? Do not use Repels? Any Bug? haha
You have 25 minutes to spacebar all checkpoints in the correct order. So, before starting the quest, plan a path, beat all NPCs that can be on your way (they have a 2 weeks reset) and do everything you have to do in real life.
You can use repels, but that means "avoiding shiny pokémons", so I don't recommend it.
If you want more infos about that quest: wiki
[Image: 18011109410016763115444748.png]
Just to add to what Klay has said, you can also skip one of the long routes by visiting that pokemon center before starting the quest. So you could visit the Cinnabar Island Pokemon Center, then head over to the Safari Zone to start the quest, use an escape rope and jump straight to the first check point. (Just don't go into the Fuchsia City Pokemon Center before starting the quest or that will ruin the plan.)
STUCK? Read this:
Try typing /ref or relog- make sure you also restart your clientNext ask in help channel for staff to move you, or ask in IRC Chat. If stuck on water use '3' shortcut to get back on your surfboard. You can also battle someone to lose (ask in battle channel and give your highest level) and by default be sent back to your last pokemon center. Escape Ropes (550pd at Dept. Stores) will do the same thing as losing a battle.

Black Map:
PWO Discord Chat Server:
PWO wiki Troubleshooting page
Besides it being a bug (and of course; if you passed the time limit), the only reason the NPC would say this to you is if you made use of one of the Keebacorp transportation systems (being the ferry, train or aerial tramway). If you didn't use any of them during your trial and you're adamant about finishing it in 25 minutes, I would suggest you'd try to record your next "run" and post it in the Bug Catcher section on the Playerdex, cause sometimes bugs do occur. Even if it ended up that there wasn't a bug; it would still result into answers in the form of feedback to correct possible mistakes.
I hope your issue will be resolved soon.

P.S. You have to heal at a Pokemon Center nowadays to set it as a teleportation beacon.
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