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Disable global channel messages!

I've been seeing in events some people asking if it is not possible to
disable global channel messages.
I am personally one of these people so
I'll share what I discovered at the last swarm.

I ended up noticing that changing the color of messages on the global channel
using the command "/cgcolor global, red" (not necessarily red I guess)
automatically turn off global channel messages when you change channels.
For example if you are in the Trade channel
you will not be able to see the new messages that appeared on the global channel.

Messages sent before will disappear with time,
I do not know if this is a bug, but if that's the case I do not think it's necessary to correct it  Angel .
[Image: Nshims.gif]
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[Image: hours.png]
well that can work cause the Red color in channels colors is bugged Wink
[Image: Midou.gif?width=540&height=270]
It is known that red color is buggy (and only this one so far), but that's a smart use of a bug abuse Big Grin
There're suggestions about being able to leave global channel actually, so it may be better to up those until staff hear us, the asocial part of this community, instead of keeping our survival in bug hands.
[Image: 18011109410016763115444748.png]

The fact that the global channel does not change color permanently is a bug too?
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