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Guild treasure hunt competition
So i recently learned of guilds and was told that there aren't many features for guilds that's why I had this suggestion for a guild competition

So there will be a teleporter that will teleport the guild leader to a town where the guild leader can wait for an unlimited number of members but they can start hunting for the treasure at any time so after they start each guild member has to talk to the villagers to gather clues that will lead them to the place they are searching for they have to say the answer to the clues in the guild chat cause if they don't,the other guilds will use their knowledge to go forward.After getting the answers to all the clues the guild master must talk to a teleporter who will ask them questions with the same answers as the clues so after that,the teleporter will teleport them to an ancient team rocket hideout filled with mazes and puzzles, after that they go to the top floor which leads them to giovanni who's trying to revive team rocket the guild's strongest member has to fight giovanni who will have a lvl 105 team.After defeating giovanni,they get the treasure.First guild to get the treasure wins.

First place prize will be 3'000'000 pd for each member who made it to the top floor with the leader + 3 event vouchers

Second Prize will be 2'000'000 who made it to the top floor with the leader + 2 event voucher

Third guild to make it will get 1'000'000 for each member who made it to the top floor with the leader = 1 event voucher

This is just an event suggestion to bring competition to guilds
This idea needs some more work

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