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Hey PWO Staff!
Hey guys,

My name is Shane, and although me and this game have a weird past and I was young and did some stupid things, I felt like checking out whats been happening!
I recently logged in and it made me really nostalgic, especially seeing JJ here on the forums! I think we are all probably better people over the years.
I my self have grown up a fair bit since I have started a family of 3 children.

I got chatting to some players in-game, and I kinda want to port this game to a multiplatform language for you and hand it over.
Alot has happened since a decade ago, and so have my skills as probably seen with my new project these days PokeOne.

I secretly want to see this game gain back lots of users!
Hit me up Smile
Hey Shane, good to see you again and still actively creating things! Shoot me a PM her on the forums if you want to discuss this further.
STUCK? Read this:
Try typing /ref or relog- make sure you also restart your clientNext ask in help channel for staff to move you, or ask in IRC Chat. If stuck on water use '3' shortcut to get back on your surfboard. You can also battle someone to lose (ask in battle channel and give your highest level) and by default be sent back to your last pokemon center. Escape Ropes (550pd at Dept. Stores) will do the same thing as losing a battle.

Black Map:
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