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Strange Signs in Fuchsia City
Hi everybody. I already ask ingame, but no one has really any idea. So i try a second time here. I am a little confused. in Fuchsia City, are two signs with strange messages. One is left of the two Snorlax in front of the building and the second one by the pond south of the Market. At the first view, this signs makes no sense. But i'm sure, these are anagrams.

The first signs said: Difn Het Niggenbin  (Perhaps: Find the beginning)
The second sign: Erd Agrend fo Phoe (perhaps: Red garden of hope)

I searched the internet, but found nothing useful. Some players ingame said that was nothing more than hidden messages intended to engage the player. But I'm skeptical. I was hoping I might find a really well hidden quest. What's your opinion?

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