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[Closed] Extended Bird Party! (March 8 - March 15)
Join the Pewter City Museum for the event. Go upstairs and talk to the Bird Party Butler to join in. 
If you're stuck in Johto, talk to the Event Transporter in Cherrygrove City and she'll take you there.

Just be sure to follow the invitation code! Anyone that doesn't have 6 bird Pokemon in their team won't be allowed in. Duplicates are allowed, so if all you have are 6 Pidgey, that's fine.

Big thanks to the team for helping me with NPCs and testing. At first I was just planning on it being spawns only, but the rest of staff were able to get the event up to a higher quality. We decided to extend it and add an extra exotic species to the list. Enjoy!
Retired PWO Admin. Staff from May 2010 - April 2018.
Player name CheckeredZebra.
It's been a blast, everyone. Take care!
Thankies, Ragu :3

The baby bird party looks like good funs
[Image: ZBQMuOA.png]
I have unlimited patience, but I still know when it's time to give up.
Thanks to everyone involved and good luck hunting to everybody! :3
~My Sigs~

[Image: tr0tE6I.png]

[Image: djM9oLH.jpg]
Aww man,I never thought there would be any vouchers in this event Big Grin
Thanks For The Event.
[Image: event.png]

I also like how i did alot of work for event voucher in the Fossilween Event, and this event all i did was talk to a NPC and get same amount of voucher. Dodgy

Like candy on Halloween.

Good job on the poke spawn. I like the pokemons in the event.
Thanks for the event!

The bird evaluator is a good and original idea! Also, I appreciated that the announcement for this event was given some days in advance. I'm enjoying this event, but at the same time I prefer quest events than hunting events, and we haven't ihad them for quite some time...

Thank you again
[Image: pokemon_trainer_card_by_parquettistapazzo-d4dllxi.jpg]
for some reasons i feel this event one of the best events i have ever joined thnx for the effort Smile
[Image: Midou.gif?width=540&height=270]
This is definetly a very good event Smile
The Bird Party Butler does not mention Natu on the list of accepted pokemon, but will allow you in with a Natu or Xatu on your team.
Ty staff for the evet, good job as usual Big Grin
[Image: poD7wTv.png]
thanks for the party Smile))
I wish there will be an event again soon heheh

Also I say thanks for the event, it was really worth not sleeping some nights hehe!
[Image: Nshims.gif]
[Image: fishing.png]
[Image: hours.png]
I like the addition of new pokes and easy vouchers  Cool

Hope for new event soon.


[Image: 028VJYu.png]
I really liked the event, I liked the pokemons to hunt, it was great to find shinys, but I was not lucky with the tiers, only 1 Starly in the event, but overall very good.
                                                         [Image: assinaturanshins.png]
thx for awesome event and nice respawns riga.

I've really appreciated your work and your willingness to help the game in the last few years.

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