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Bird Party in the Pewter Museum Holodeck Next Week (March 8 - March 11)
I'm importing a few exotic species to the Farside Valley map. Be there or be square.
Retired PWO Admin. Staff from May 2010 - April 2018.
Player name CheckeredZebra.
It's been a blast, everyone. Take care!
Wow rig, thanks for the event Smile Smile Big Grin !!!! If it's an event .
Good to know ahead of time. Cool
So will they be any quests?Or this is just a hunting event?
Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to it.
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Hoping for new challenges, to find new pokemons, good luck to everyone involved. '-'
                                                         [Image: assinaturanshins.png]
I look forward to this holodeck, I missed it the last time it was Farside Valley unfortunately. ;-;
[Image: XH4t3yi.gif]
Event's almost here,so exited Big Grin
good! It has been quite some time since the last event, I was missing them
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