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Bird Party in the Pewter Museum Holodeck Next Week (March 8 - March 11)
I'm importing a few exotic species to the Farside Valley map. Be there or be square.
Oyasumi, Oyasumi. Close your eyes and you'll leave this dream...
Wow rig, thanks for the event Smile Smile Big Grin !!!! If it's an event .
Good to know ahead of time. Cool
So will they be any quests?Or this is just a hunting event?
Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to it.
~My Sigs~

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[Image: djM9oLH.jpg]
Hoping for new challenges, to find new pokemons, good luck to everyone involved. '-'
[Image: -tNfJWFrQIeQTovK99Na7Q.jpg]
I look forward to this holodeck, I missed it the last time it was Farside Valley unfortunately. ;-;
[Image: XH4t3yi.gif]
Event's almost here,so exited Big Grin
good! It has been quite some time since the last event, I was missing them
[Image: pokemon_trainer_card_by_parquettistapazzo-d4dllxi.jpg]

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