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Hi friends what's up how is everything? Great to see u all and some updates. 
Great to see you again Smile
Looking for sprite artist to make custom walk/run/surf sprites. PM if interested!
(Sometimes I ask if I may be looking forever...)

[Image: MallowGarbodor.gif]
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Mallow, the "Stinkiest" Garbodor
Aka: TSG, Stinky, Garbo, Friendly Biohazard, more...
"So Much Positivity from you....Just Loving it... Smile) Yet another Cool Person to know!" ~ sam5010

"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot." ~ Yunosuke Shigeta

"Doro Gaboro. Two words that mean you have maked today great for I. Everyone makes up a word at least once in life, most just do not remember." ~ Mallow

Note: I have a one-word username because the game not accept spaces, but I like more to be written as separate words.

Leader of:
Team Aqua - Guardians

A warm, friendly Guild aiming to nurture the battle potential and creative skills in Trainers. Voted 2nd Most Fun Guild 2015!

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