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what i think
Hi everyone its me trainer5 and this thread was just to say what i think about pwo in my stay here first id like to say the case is i love this game its my favorite pokemon game i never thought there would be a pokemon game with more interactions with other players i reccomend this game cause it also gives you the normal pokemon game but with players supporting you this game has a small but very friendly community when i got out of hand with my threads those guys gave me advice that helped me im new and i should get to know the game before trying to change anything but they were right i should experience things before i judge i also like to say there are some things different from the original pokemon games which makes this game really unique i love that and i wish i was a member earlier so i could get to experience all the past events the point of this thread is what i think think of this game so far so i MIGHT make a part 2 later on so members of staff keep up the good work do you guys think this is a really good mmo and/or your favorite? well see you tomorrow Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
if it's not a good mmo and not my favourite WHY DO I KEEP PLAYING ? -_-
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wow this reply came fast

how did you know about the thread instantly after it was posted?

also i need to ask you something? is it too late to join your tourney if not let me check my pokemon and then join in for fun doesnt matter if i get knocked out in first round
ther's no first round cause it's a league and feel free to join Smile
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ok joining right now

ive joined

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