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excellent change
Big Grin 
Hi guys its me trainer 5 now i think if no one tells me what to do after setting up the rules of the tournament maybe i should do a hunting event but that's not what I'm gonna be talking about today ill put that on the tournaments forum now i know no one has seen me in game today its because no there really wasn't anything to do today i only logged in for about 5 mins because usually now there's nothing to do that being the reason new players are leaving but all that is changing there are more events like phoenix has his tournament going on now what about my event that's where you guys come in now please reply in the reply section should i do a tournament or a hunting event please tell me and i will take your word for it now the staff is too busy to do events that's why we players should unite! Lets make this game great again we're all intelligent people we can help this game become as lively as it once was 1'000 players online in game,forum and playerdex now who's with me!?

I'd also like to say do to being impatient i will now upload threads whenever i feel like it so expect 2 threads a day thank you guys soo much and see you tomorrow Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Cool Cool Cool Cool

also im really sorry if i was being a pest yesterday i just wanted to know you guy's opinions now the point about this is not my tourney or phoenix's the point is to say how much of a good job everyone's doing Sad i just need you guys to know that i dont want to be a bother you dont have to reply
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In response to three previously-submitted posts in this thread (including, I am ashamed to say, one of my own):

Please remember that the Forum is designed for constructive communication. PWO is not Twitter; and the Staff do not expect to see hashtags as the sole content in posts.
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sorry its just i want it to be greater plus people in game are sometimes telling me that it is not as great as it used to be plus the hashtag is just for fun
#do not listen people who tells that because they only miss the time when you had to try several times to log in because it was full plus there were a lot of things that were not working properly

It's true hashtags are fun.

Edit: trolling is bad kids
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first before you guys start telling me to cool down and im being a pest id like to say that pwo is awesome the best pokemon game ive played (so far) 
and the point of this thread is that you're all doing an outstanding job at making pwo better i give credit to all of you except myself i am new so i will make mistakes when posting a thread but i have a favor if you have any problem if this thread or what im saying please tell me in a polite way and tell me what i can do to make it up to you Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Undecided Undecided Huh and thanks klay Smile Big Grin if you're on my side
You just need to calm down and play the game, as far as I know you haven't even beat all 16 gyms yet. It's okay to have ideas but you need to figure out how the game works first and what people like. The way you are going about things right now is just going to give players a negative opinion about you. And if you start posting 2 threads a day about the same exact stuff you will likely have your threads removed, again this is just advice not to be taken as an insult.

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thats exactly what ive said in trying to make game better but didnt even tried all pwo features can you try to make a game better when u didnt finish it and tried all the features?

even if we bring good ideas staff say they are busy so its not ideas problem but no staff around to push for updates. you have 2 choice and we have the same choice to play the game as it is or youre taking a break or looking for another game - its sad but thats how pwo works -
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ok ive got ill calm down and play pwo normally

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