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Missingno in action
I thought that headline might grab your attention.

I still don't have access to a computer, I only have internet.
So I decided to stop by and make some noise so you higher
ups will hopefully know what is going on so you don't delete
my account before I can find a computer.

If you could attach a message to my account for the account
deleters letting them know my account should be spared
regardless of how much time has passed since I was last
active, it would be appreciated.
The system was automated before so this post would not matter.

However no worries, we dont delete accounts for inactivity anymore (at least for now?), so it won't be purged anytime soon.
"Qostiid sahlo aak. Just because you can do a thing, does not always mean you should."

[Image: Tpi8isy.png]
Ah, sweet.  Thanks for the reply.  I'll rest more reassured now, and keep working on
a more permanent way of getting back online.

I was worried my Tyranitars may have escaped.  My herd of Tyranitars love smashing
mountains into mole hills.  If they are found working on shrinking Mt. Silver, please
catch them and return them to my account.  Wink   Thanks again.

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