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name change on banned account
im trying to get the name dbzgod420 changed so i can reuse the name
An username already chose can't be chosen again. If you change the name of your dbzgod420 account, only this account will be able to have this name again. This is to prevent names to be stolen if you changed your name and decide to take your eld username back (I believe).
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This has been answered on Community Watch.
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Try typing /ref or relog- make sure you also restart your clientNext ask in help channel for staff to move you, or ask in IRC Chat. If stuck on water use '3' shortcut to get back on your surfboard. You can also battle someone to lose (ask in battle channel and give your highest level) and by default be sent back to your last pokemon center. Escape Ropes (550pd at Dept. Stores) will do the same thing as losing a battle.

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