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Time to say goodbye
My journey comes to an end I'm so happy to play this game way back from 
2012-2017 so many beautiful experience and excitement I love playing with some 
Of my friends I quit on 2015 coz I'm ban and guess what that's the crazy moment in my
Life coz I don't know what to do after I got banned but nvermind I back wayback/2016
Coz I still love pokemon but this moment I think this is the last time I play this beautiful game , my friends are not here anymore some of them don't brought in game no more contacts to them and I'm happy to part this community I specially thanks the staff who have give so much effort on this game I respect all of you you guys are the best ..
Goodluck with you all and in real life BTW I'm shawarma132 I traded some pokemon to 
Some people I wish you guys appreciated it ..
I did appreciate it. Thanks. Good luck in all of your endeavors.

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