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Important notice to Photobucket users and signature artists!
Attention all PWO Forum Users! If you are currently using a Photobucket account to host signatures and avatars for PWO or any other Forum, or to host signatures you've created for other people, it is with regret that I must inform you that you will need to upload those images to another host in order to continue to use them.

As part of a recently-announced change to Photobucket's Terms of Service, it is no longer permitted for users on certain account tiers - including free users - to embed images on sites outside of Photobucket. This feature now requires a paid Plus 500 plan, at a cost of $399.99 a year.

As a result of this change, if you are not a Plus 500 user, it is no longer possible to use Photobucket-hosted images on the PWO Forum - or, indeed, any other Forum or website. If you are currently using Photobucket for this purpose, you may find your signatures or avatars may stop loading in the future, or may be replaced with advertising. I have taken the opportunity to make this announcement, even though it does not directly relate to PWO and is out of our control, in order to inform such users of the inconvenience as early as possible so that you have time to find new image hosting services and can continue to use the signatures and avatars you enjoy seeing on your PWO Forum Posts.

Thanks for your time.
- Jinji the Gengar
PWO Administrator. Website Designer. Writer. Role-Player.
Also on: DeviantArt - Patreon - (as Crimsonshade)

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I better pay them $400 annually now, don't want my signatures to rot over at Photobucket.
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