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Good Bye My Friends.
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I didn't want to draw much attention to myself cause that's never been me so I was going to quietly ease away from the game. But unexpectedly a few of my friends have noticed me missing and have began to ask questions and one friend in particular thought I should avoid the modest approach and give a farewell. You see, PWO is like a machine and we players are like the gears that keep it turning but just like machine gears, players are burnt out as well. When one player goes another one comes and the case of me is no different.

As I leave PWO, nothing will change, the wheels of this machine will continue to grind away as I am simply replaced by another player and that's just the way it works. I've truly enjoyed my time here and especially enjoyed the people and friends I've met on here because a few of the people I've met are beyond amazing. Most of my memories of this game are positive and I hope that if anybody has memories of me that they mostly be positive too, if not then I'm sorry because the guy you met in this game is the same guy you'd meet in real life. I only know how to be me which is one reason I've always used my real life pic as my avatar on here despite the fact that I'm not exactly one with super model looks LOL.

Anyway, one of my goals on here was to help as many as I possibly could on here and I hope that if I'm to have left a legacy that perhaps that be what is best remembered about me. I also hope that others will perhaps follow up with my actions and learn that sometimes it's not the PD that is most value but the happiness of others that should also be considered. If you see a player getting harassed by a toxic player, please step in and let that person know that they are not alone. I know it sounds lame and that it's none of your business in your opinion but the simple fact is helping others should be the business of everybody. I've said many times that the best part of PWO is it's community and the close family feel we all have for each other, please never forget that.

I will still be active as a guild master, I'll check in occasionally and keep guild events going and keep the token rewards flowing. I'll also frequently check my private messages on forums if anybody needs me. I'll also be asking my deputies and officers to do the observations of any new recruits and to report back to me. I will also try to keep in touch with my friends. For those that have me on Facebook feel free to message me anytime, I'd love to hear from you and you can always expect a reply. For those of my friends that don't have me on Facebook, I hope we keep in touch on the forums private messaging. Also if I happen to see you on during one of my few game logins I'll be sure to be social.

As this thread is named, this is just a good bye for now. Good bye doesn't always mean  the end and I don't want this to be the end. My friends are the most valuable thing I've ever had on this game and I will miss you all. Thank you all for the memories, you all will always have a special place in my heart. So until next time, best of luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a great life. Smile

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goodbye Jobs
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Thanks ABD, good bye bro, best of luck in life. Smile

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Cye later jobey ?
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noob and proud !!!!! lel 
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I will still check in a few minutes everyday and I'll still be running the guild but that's all. My days of actually playing PWO are over for the foreseeable future.

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