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One Year Ago Today
365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. No matter how you look at it a year is a year. It was one year ago today that I was on google. It was one year ago I had a Pokemon itch and wanted to watch some of the old anime episodes. The search box I believe read "Pokemon Episodes Online" and I don't know what the reason was but I guess google decided that "episodes" and "world" were the same thing because the very first link was to the Pokemon World Online main site. Now me trusting in googles wisdom clicked on that link thinking I'd be finding Pokemon episodes, boy was I wrong. LOL

What I found was a website for an online Pokemon game instead. Now although I've always been a fan of the Pokemon anime, never before had I ever played a Pokemon game besides the card game on the school play ground. I looked at the site read some stuff and pondered for a minute then decided "What the hell, why not? I'm off for an entire week because of my work line being too far ahead of production, why not try to entertain myself? I mean I really have nothing else better to do."

When I clicked download I had no idea that my life was going to change forever. I remember clicking download and taking a shower and coming back after it had finished. I only planned to play a few hours, after all it was already about 5am here at the time and I'd need to get some sleep to stay on track, being off an entire week it's so easy to ruin your sleeping schedule. LOL I remember just being sucked in from the opening moments, I remembered the pure excitement of getting my Charmander (who I named Jirago) and the thrill of catching my first Pokemon, a level 3 Pidgey that I named "Uno".

From that point mostly everything was a blur for the next few hours. Just me constantly fighting and catching pokes, fighting NPCs, and constantly going back to the lab to heal. Before I knew it I was in Viridian City then I was in Virdian Forrest and then, right as I was on the last leg of the Forrest my Charmander hit level 16 and evolved to a Charmeleon and in the process learning Dragon Rage. Then I was in Pewter City in the gym preparing to do battle. From that point on all I as focused on was making it to the next city, the next gym, and getting my next badge. After getting stuck in Mt Moon I decided it was time for bed and much to my shock it was after 10 am.

I went to bed and woke up not even 4 hours later, I couldn't sleep, I was obsessed with beating this game and excited to play some more. That was my routine, the next two days. Sleep, shower, and play. Sadly in my rush I finished the Gyms in that two day span and realized that my fun was now likely over. I had no idea, two week later I made my first friend and she was the first of many that I would be blessed to make on here (before that point I had never even spoke to anybody always just used the wiki if I needed help).

See, once you beat this game, there is nothing else left to do besides hunting, training, and PVP, but the amazing thing about this game that people forget is the friends that you make and to me my friends are what have kept me here as long as they have. In fact, I was actually planning to leave the game the night I made my first friend, she randomly started talking to me in the Saffron Poke Center as I was gathering pokes to give away before I left. We spoke 8 hours I believe and it was then I decided to stick around and just be me and see how it would all turn out. I started to become active in chat and then it was the socializing that truly made me love this game and spend the 1700hrs plus i have spent here.

Needless to say my passion for this game has since faded but there is one thing that has not changed and that is the care and appreciation I have for the friends I have made here and although I do not play nearly the amount of time I used to (went from 30-40 hours a week my first 9 months to about 15-20 hours the past two months to just about 5-10 hours the past month) I still value the time I spend chatting with my friends. Sadly there is about a 99.999999999% chance that I wont ever meet most of you in real life, but you all are still some great friends that I have been blessed to talk to. In fact a few of you are very special to me and I'm closer to y'all than my real life friends.

Anyway, sorry for the long post LOL but I just want to thank you all for the memories and here's hoping for more to come. Best of luck to you all and I'll see you next time. o/
As long as an ember remains
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The fire will never die.

#2 always but that's the Jobey I know xD
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(06-07-2017, 07:02 AM)KimonoGirlYuki Wrote: always but that's the Jobey I know xD

LOL Big Grin What can I say, I only know how to be me Tongue
As long as an ember remains
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The fire will never die.

This is such a sweet post; I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. The feelings you described mimic my own - as I've said many a time, the community of PWO is what makes the game what it is; and are the reason I continue to enjoy being a part of PWO every day.
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Agreed, there is a reason I call this game home instead of the other ones out there.
As long as an ember remains
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The fire will never die.

i didnt read it all but =D nice to have you as a friend.
on my side i was looking for a mmo and i was like ...omg a pokemon mmo would be crazy ( even if i wasnt playing pokemon for over 10 years) rough time with other generation of pokemon and items and ivs - evs now ability and later nature lol but i enjoy my time here almost 3300 hours and i hope to play another 3000 or more.

cya in games guys =D
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