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Hello Discord, Goodbye IRC.
A small handful of you have raised the possibility of PWO starting our own Discord server, and recently our Staff team took this into consideration.

Our IRC has seen less and less use lately. That, combined with multiple other advantages when presented with the opportunity to swap, has lead us to move on to Discord. We have disabled voice chat, as that would be impossible to moderate.

We've set everything up accordingly, so feel free to join us:

Seems some people are confused about the rule page. Just click on a general chat to the left once you join.
Retired PWO Admin. Staff from May 2010 - April 2018.
Player name CheckeredZebra.
It's been a blast, everyone. Take care!
wow, great addition
[Image: abdsingh.gif]
good job keep going and thnx for the effort
[Image: Midou.gif?width=540&height=270]
Been a part of it for a few days now, I absolutely love it. I honestly do. It's a nice change of pace.
"Miracles are illusions caused by insufficient observation and understanding. They're just... glorious misunderstandings."

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For those that are part of guilds, I highly recommend creating your own discord server and using voice chat while you play.

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