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Items Command
Commands for item use:
Have items appear on /list next to any pokemon that drop/hold the items
 A /items command to tell players where they can find the items they're looking for /item dawn stone = token store or /item king's rock = politoed.
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That second idea appeals to me...
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nice idea ! i hope to see that command ingame in future

for our present, the game need betters updates than this.....
For things like this, it normally hinges on how difficult it is to implement. Sometimes we throw in nice little things because it doesn't take a ton of effort and we might as well. If everyone's OK with something and it only takes a couple hour tops to add, it's likely bumped up on the to-do list, because why not?

Your recent suggestion is in similar place.

Quick rundown of how we prioritize small/quality of life suggestions:
Discuss it -> Does doing this cause problems? Yes or No? -> If No, How long does this take? -> If it's a couple of hours tops, let's do this.
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