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Fishing Together At Blue Archipeligo ( Happy Moments Captured )
Hi guys    Big Grin 
First I wanna thank Admins for arrenging an event  and Poke-Fans for participating in the event  Big Grin
Thanks to the event that  deads are rising from graves  Tongue
We can meet with our old dudes  in the event Wink and have some fun  Cool

I tried to capture a moment while all the  Legendary Hunters were busy killing innocent little creatures  Tongue 

[Image: 265cbfedf5974cb7a8270c2d92d0eb17.png]

[Image: 36a7a24734304e23a2b53f3fa0572db0.png]

Its crowded out there . I cant even move freely  Dodgy But i am happy to see all these big dudes arround me  Wink 

I will try to capture some more interesting moments in the event . Be with me guys  Heart Heart Heart

Also post your awesome moment in the comment, i will add them here  Big Grin
"redo, I blinked" got a chuckle out of me.
Retired PWO Admin. Staff from May 2010 - April 2018.
Player name CheckeredZebra.
It's been a blast, everyone. Take care!
(05-17-2017, 04:04 PM)Rigaudon Wrote: "redo, I blinked" got a chuckle out of me.

TBH I didn't even think that was going to show up in the picture, I said it so late.
[Image: XH4t3yi.gif]

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