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  1. Hugh~Mungus

    problem with pokebank...

    I couldn't find any post about this so don't know if its happening to others but I cant transfer money from game to playerdex . also some stuff is squashed together so I cant use it correctly as i cant click on some things as its over another option . [attachment=4866] [attachment=4867]...
  2. Hugh~Mungus

    problem with trying to join game

    sorted it out
  3. Hugh~Mungus

    missing tokens

    I already made post on bug catcher , donation issue but been over 11hrs no help and was after tokens for membership for event but looks like wont be using it for event :(
  4. Hugh~Mungus

    i downloaded new update and dont see and writing now

    I downloaded the update and now I cant see half the stuff on my screen I tried uninstalling and installing all the downloads but still same result .
  5. Hugh~Mungus

    about nidoking

    don't know if its veekun that's wrong but its worked ok every other time I have used it but just seeing if nidokings atk has been reduced on pwo or if my nido is faulty ? :(. as from veekun it should have 20 more atk .
  6. Hugh~Mungus

    need help plz

    I tried all the 1.82 client downloads but still cant go on game it just keeps on saying " client out of date go to pwo to get new " but ive tried all them and still nothing new happens :(