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    Dat you tho ?
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    Being around so things to get off the chest, once and for good.

    ooo a lot of people i like in one thread, much love <3 also good job (:
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    Miltank swarm

    panpan is smurt smurt. Just keep in mind folks, Swarms aren't "events", well not fully at least. If it's going to be a weekly thing, it's reasonable for it not to be too easy. and be honest with me, do you want another shellder/cloy/clef/scyther ? doubt it. The only way i'd find it...
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    Miltank swarm

    Good job feathers, me likey!
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    desya PWO

    I met desya!!!
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    Swarm ( poll ends on Friday 13th at 5PM UTC ) Swarm will start UTC Friday 8pm - Monday12pm

    STOP IT, GET SOME HELP - meme (: With the current state of the game, i'm dumbfunded that there's still arguments about spawns/rarity You've just been gifted 4 hours of fun and somewhat active server and ontop of that it looks like staff is finally taking zebby's example. i'l personally be...
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    Trade Evo NPC

    I'l be honest, i've read page one and some of page three, and and all i can see is both isguros and gengar dancing around the truth. i agree with gengar on all of the point, but. and it's a huge one. to say that the server is inactive is an understatment, and while such a suggestion is...
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    desya PWO

    Can i join desya fan club ???
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    desya PWO

    Congrats !! If desya needs a sponsor, i will gladly help with your next adventure pm me if you need/want a membership :)
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    desya PWO

    How dare he incroach on desya territory!
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    desya PWO

    Keep going desya , we believe in you!!! keep us updated :)
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    Replace surfboard with surfing poke/give access to move surf

    No offense what so ever but if you agree than what's the point of this thread :O
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    desya PWO

    This is the funniest thing i've seen in ages, i legit have a smile on my face while going through this thread, If desya needs anything, do pm boora!
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    Hi friends, i have a suggestion and a question , 1.can we extend afk time before we're kicked even by 10 mins or so, 2.can we please know the shiny rate on the eggs from the prize corner for science. Thank you in advance, Happy new year <3
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    >>>Santa Claus giveaway mini event!!<<<

    It's been done before but with a small caveat.. instead of getting something for free, iirc there used to be a quest that gave you a shiny egg. Was reletevly recent too.
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    Snorunt not evolve into Frosslass while using Dawn Stone.

    What if he felt like he was born a male. don't judge.
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    A simple suggestion for the current Halloween event.

    I would love to hear a staff members prespective on this
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    Should PWO get rid of Forced NPC rematches?

    yes please, for dummies like me especially.
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    Alternate Shiny Colour for new Shinies caught WITHOUT Membership.

    Well, if it's apart of the same roll as normal shiny (i.e you would've gotten a shiny dratini but now its 50/50 alt color or normal shiny) i can understand why he wouldn't want to risk it. for most players w/e comes is fine, but when you know you could've just as well gotten the version you...
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    About PWO quests, errors and stuff

    r/woosh ditto KEKW