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  1. Prof.Rygar

    Mega evolution for pokemon

    Megas SUCK! NEVER Bring them here to PWO! They're as stupid as fairy type. DON'T bring that either. These are some of the most awful things to happen to pokemon games.
  2. Prof.Rygar

    Skip the Surfboard, and make it not essential.

    I vote we open the Train to the Route near the E4 after completing a Region. Allowing players to skip the currently "essential" surfboard could encourage them to at least complete all the gyms. They'd easily be able to afford it after we all know they're gonna fail all 4 tries due to one...
  3. Prof.Rygar

    "Token Gift Cards"

    lol, yeah, it may be a year old, but as long as it gains traction at some point, good.
  4. Prof.Rygar

    Those NPCs Won't Give Up!

    Nice suggestion. I hope staff listen since this is like the 10,000th time it's been suggested.
  5. Prof.Rygar

    in Game avatar

    This seems like a good idea. Gotta #Represent Lets make it an official suggestion. That's what I was suggesting a while ago. Do daycare quests for the daycare center, earn the daycare sprite. Do ranger quests, get ranger sprite, beat all he gyms, BT, E4, etc. and some other quests, and get...
  6. Prof.Rygar

    Search Button for pc boxes

    I would take this suggestion, and modify it. Instead of a filter, just add extra sprites indicating that a pokemon is holding something. Like a little poke ball in the corner of the sprite, so we can tell which pokemon to check so we can quickly locate items. It would of course be preferred...
  7. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    You know what? That's 100% true. Which is what I complain about irl about minimum wage going up, it makes everything more expensive and drives middle class people into poverty.
  8. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    A thought has occurred to me. The beginning of this game had it so players could easily get money, and players stayed playing more. If you're bouncing off the money cap you may start looking for ways to spend. I just need a way to make easily 20M a month, while playing no more than 6 hours a...
  9. Prof.Rygar

    Project Discover Red's Team

    I remember using Items in E4 battles. So unless that got nerfed.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reasonable move sets there. I'd still like a trick to remove troublesome items.
  10. Prof.Rygar

    Project Discover Red's Team

    I was thinking about trying to find ways to snoop all the pokemon on Red's E4 team. I came up with a few ideas. Idea 1: I can bring lots of healing. And I Mean LOTS. Max out the Max Potions and Moo Moo Milks, and maybe even get the Presents from the recent event. This way I can stall out his...
  11. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    I would write "Eggs would be a great way to fix many problems here", but I don't know how to link it to the idea of Tokens, other than, if eggs were allowed, the point of TS would be eliminated since we could but one and then make as many as we want. But there are advantages to the TS, like the...
  12. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    I see it says we can get Tokens from Events, but I've never seen one. I suppose they need to be more publicized. That's also part of my point. There's no possible way to give on either side in terms of economy. It would be more useful to make pokemon we want easier to get, than to try to...
  13. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    Current Market Value of PD - Tokens would require 1000 Nuggets be given to players, assuming nuggets are worth 5k each. It could, if staff wouldn't nuke it so hard. As it stands, I'll have to GRIND E4 for at least 10 hours a day, for more than TWO WEEKS just to afford buying ONE good pokemon...
  14. Prof.Rygar

    Mart Filter Upgrades

    I'd really like a Filter that removes unwanted pokemon, so I don't have to wade through the dozens of pages of other players garbage pokemon they caught in events. The filter would have to allow me to select multiple pokemon to remove from my sight. Speaking of that, I want to improve the...
  15. Prof.Rygar

    To the player currently holding onto my name for me

    I'll be ready to change my name back in about 2 days.
  16. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    I mean, 10K per event. You complete the quest, it gives 10,000 Tokens, and/ or some Vouchers.
  17. Prof.Rygar

    Add Tokens as Rewards for completing Quests in Events.

    10K Tokens a month isn't that bad, since there's so few events a year, and tbh, PWO isn't hurting for money now is it? It would allow players to go have fun in the Token Store a couple times a year. It would at least give players a chance to buy MS. A "token" amount of tokens, like 1K, would...
  18. Prof.Rygar

    Mass Storage

    I want another Release Bin added. The idea is, I have a ton of "usable" pokemon, but, also, I have better. For instance, I have an Epic Metagross, and I have some Beldum that would be "usable" if I wanted to train them, or sell them. This is one of dozens of pokemon that I have a good one off...
  19. Prof.Rygar

    desya PWO

    Hi Bored, I'm Dad