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    Being around so things to get off the chest, once and for good.

    Hey fado!! Didnt Know you play showdown, havent seen you there, it is nice to say hi to some old friends, I lost contact with all of the old blaze members
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    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    So much hope back then, too many years no update till now!!
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    gibe moni or signatures again or rebort, hue hue!! Sup somes?
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    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    I dont even know why this is open for disscussion, as you all can see not happening anytime soon nor later, most of the staff members involved are gone, Hardcoreh "new PWO client" never went live, it is sad to came and check after so much time a game that made me have the best hours of my life...
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    So how is everyone?

    KP around here, no more MMOs for me, still checking some forums to see whats going on and see if I can find old friends, no luck tho. We all dead
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    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    2 years and 5 months since this topic was created, is this time not enough yet to introduce "the road to hoenn and beyond"?, how discussions are going about it?? Are maps ready to go live??, are you guys really planning to introduce hoenn or elite 4 after all this time??, if hoenn is not being...
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    Matileo's G.A - (S)Feraligatr - Finished*

    1.-Yes, I am a pokemon fan  2.-I think I am not, even tho I am inactive ingame, I search through the forums for something to discuss 3.- I think I started back in 2010 with this same account better known as KPyppo 4.- not sure  5.- no se, gibe Shiny fera or rebort hue hue 6.- Yes you were a...
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    Making Pwo great again !

    My opinion is, bringing back pokemon from banned accounts or accounts about to be banned, wont make people to come back to the game, it will bring temporary fun to the already few members active in game. PWO needs more content, New maps (no temporary ones), New pokemon, a brand new region...
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    Making Pwo great again !

    Hey, thats racist  (feeling ready to jump the hell out of that wall)
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    Still balling!!

    Yo guys, its been a long time since I last checked the forums. For my old pwo friends just letting you know im still around and breathing, have had very bad times in life, my babyborn died, crisis in country, dont know why things happens like this, but there is nothing left than keep going...
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    The 2015 PWO Awards (Results)

    Re: The 2015 PWO Awards. Y'all know me, still the same O.G. but I've been low key, hated on by most these negros with no cheese, no deals and no G's, no wheels and no keys, no boats, no snowmobiles and no ski's. Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes...
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    What does starmie's ability " Illuminate " do ?

    Outside of battle: If a Pokémon with Illuminate is leading the party, the wild Pokémon encounter rate is increased to 200%. It shares this trait with Arena Trap. Illuminate has no effect during battle.
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    PWO has Changed

    I am not talkin about current time, but back then when PWO economy crashed, thats why I used the "we got" instead of "we have".
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    Revival of the forums (?)

    Back on Topic, it is hard to revive the forums, There are plenty of players playing PWO, though having players in a game, does not mean they can be a community, forum community died when all real players left the game, main reason of people leaving was the lack of updates, we got new staff, and...
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    Revival of the forums (?)

    Now that you say this, hmm care to explain what is going on with Hardcoreh? I mean people is gettin ignored in his change log topic, what happened with the new client, is he still working? why is he ignoring if he is around?, if he is not working, why he has not been demoted?. Maybe he does not...
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    PWO has Changed

    I do not see any issue with donators being richer than regular players, I mean that is just fair, they give money to staff to run the server, they should be rewarded with something and that is just fine, happens in every other game, without donators game could not be run, and we could not play...
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    Hardcoreh's Log

    Sorry I woke up in a good mood :D... Hardcoreh be like...
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    A Fairy from the Future

    I logged on few times, no TMs left, it was not possible for me to buy not even 1 TM, I guess I am going to be able to buy it from some other player for 1m later?, not sure why the shop had to be that way but thanks for those time limited TMs though!
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    How to Increase PWO's Population,

    Well, I am saying this because I have seen so many collectors that have never turned into a battler, I dont know any other person that has been this way, maybe they have tried but they are not becoming that good battlers, I did not know you were this way HOF though, maybe you were discovering...
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    How to Increase PWO's Population,

    There will be no changes at all, I know many players with incredible stats pokemon, they never participate in PVP, they are mostly collectors and have no interest in battling, you born being a battler, you can not being turned into one, if it is not your nature.