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  1. Rigaudon

    Sad Picture

    The game came out in late 2008. It is over 10 years old, was made by volunteers, many of them minors. Of those that weren't minors, many of them did not have any experience with game design, even when it came to critical areas like programing. PWO was one of the first games of its kind and as...
  2. Rigaudon

    The Road to Hoenn and beyond.

    I'm so sorry to have let anyone down. This was a project between a mapper, a dev, a scripter, and I. Everything was completed excluding the remaining half of the quest when the scripter had life circumstances get in the way. I personally had to leave after my dad got cancer. Before then I had no...
  3. Rigaudon

    Divide the rarity tiers: Tier 1, Tier 1+, Tier 2, Tier 2+, etc

    We were going to divide the lower tiers into better time chunks based on feedback. To do this, T5 was going to be split in half, so there was a T5 and T6. This way you have "event" pokemon rarity like Stary and "easy T5" stay T5. Meanwhile, very difficult pokemon like Bagon would be indicated as...
  4. Rigaudon

    the Economy

    Smaller playerbase is going to mean goods move more slowly. The game needs a stronger influx of players trying to climb their way up so that potential buyer/seller pools don't stagnate. It -is- an actual issue in PWO. Most likely the primary issue. :P
  5. Rigaudon

    Route 8 Swarm feedback

    Whoops. There is a lot of potential for human error in this system. I looked at sheets until my eyes bled and apparently I saw numbers inaccurately after all this time. It's easy to put one number off when resetting back from a swarm, which is what I suspect I did. As for testing things -...
  6. Rigaudon

    [Closed] Extended Bird Party! (March 8 - March 15)

    Join the Pewter City Museum for the event. Go upstairs and talk to the Bird Party Butler to join in.  If you're stuck in Johto, talk to the Event Transporter in Cherrygrove City and she'll take you there. Just be sure to follow the invitation code! Anyone that doesn't have 6 bird Pokemon in...
  7. Rigaudon

    Bird Party in the Pewter Museum Holodeck Next Week (March 8 - March 11)

    I'm importing a few exotic species to the Farside Valley map. Be there or be square.
  8. Rigaudon

    Client Update 1.97.2

    Things like multiple types of unown, Rotom, etc. More examples can be found here:
  9. Rigaudon

    Just had a thought..

    I don't think we could directly do SOS battles for the same reasons Isguros suggested, but I'm intrigued by the idea of unique/different wild pokemon battle formats.
  10. Rigaudon

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    I want to clarify that scripters can't set spawns on maps, that is a map GE specialty. : ) The main problem with just finding more qualified people is that, when it comes to scripting, I find they tend to not show off. Those that do show off will only settle for Dev and/or have behavioral...
  11. Rigaudon

    Lets discuss staff laziness. Lack of updates

    > its not uncommon for her to pick someone out that she thinks would be a good fit only for the GM staff to find issues with, say, farming starters. You would be surprised with how many people I have gotten banned or nearly banned this way. I'm glad that somebody finally brought up...
  12. Rigaudon

    Charity and 4th Gen Starters - Token Store

    Thank you, PWO community!  We've reached our goals for emergency funds. From now on, whenever there is an excess of donations, proceeds will be given to the Child's Play charity. But that's not all. Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig will be made available on the token store indefinitely. Like...
  13. Rigaudon

    New Server

    One thing to consider: How does a small group of people having some now-unobtainable Pokemon prevent others from engaging/enjoying with the game? Unless you're in the top %, it isn't going to affect you. Yeah, it's not ideal, but neither is completely wiping the game. Even with 28+ IVs, you can...
  14. Rigaudon

    The Future of Swarms.

    I don't normally post these, and in fact I didn't start doing swarms as an official thing, but here's a heads up. They're established enough for me to have to say this.   For context, Swarms started as a spontaneous way to make people's days brighter. Once every weekend, I would make something...
  15. Rigaudon

    [Weekend Event] Back to Farside Valley! [CLOSED]

    The event has concluded. Feel free to leave feedback here.
  16. Rigaudon

    End of PWO?

    We have promised to fix moves, update the PC system, add held items, and eventually get to Hoenn. With no deadline. We aren't paid, so things go slowly. We have fulfilled most of our promises so far. Now if you want to chill out and distance yourself from PWO until then, that's fine. Nobody is...
  17. Rigaudon

    [Weekend Event] Back to Farside Valley! [CLOSED]

    RE: [Weekend Event] Back to Farside Valley! [Aug 11] I'm reading all feedback so far. Thanks for being proactive with it, I didn't even need to post a feedback topic haha. And yes, we missed the last few events so this is a "good deal" for you all. Thanks for sticking with us. It won't be so...
  18. Rigaudon

    Good Change

    Heyo. I haven't had a chance to call Paypal's support system (this is probably an issue on their end), so it's not fully sorted yet. So don't log into paypal when donating for the time being.
  19. Rigaudon

    Donation/Server Logs

    [hr] LOGS: JULY 2017 [hr] Server cost: *This month (July): Paid! *Next month (August): Paid! Emergency funds total: 8 months ($2,745/$333 monthly server cost) Charity: N/A, emergency funds not full (8/12* months required)
  20. Rigaudon

    Donation/Server Logs

    [hr] LOGS: JUNE 2017 [hr] Server cost: *This month (June): Paid! *Next month (July): Paid! Emergency funds total: 3 months ($1,872/$333 monthly server cost) Charity: N/A, emergency funds not full (5/12* months required) *Changing to an annual backup so that we can pay a year in advance. For...