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  1. Chocobo7

    Client Update 1.97.2

    Ooo, Lua update is nice. Now hopefully you guys gte the freedom to be able to make the updates you want to without being held back by XS.
  2. Chocobo7

    [Event] Spring Forth to the Blue Archipelago![CLOSED]

    RE: [Event] Spring Forth to the Blue Archipelago! "Blue Archipelago" "Blue" "Bluerise" I see what this event really is. :|
  3. Chocobo7

    guild cost debate

    My opinion has always been guilds should be cheap and easy to create, to encourage as many people to be interacting with the game and community as possible. A small, basic guild should be an optin to all players imo as they are such a MMO standard. The costs should come from expanding and...
  4. Chocobo7

    Why there are not many players?

    Some wounds will never heal *dies overly dramatically* :cry:
  5. Chocobo7

    it's that time of year again, boys and girls

    We all say this, we all fail to stick around and end up posting like once every 6 months (I swear this isn't just me, not at all) Welcome back! :)
  6. Chocobo7

    The 2016 PWO Awards [Results]

    RE: The 2016 PWO Awards :heart:
  7. Chocobo7

    Staff Progression

    Just want to butt in here :) You can't judge a staff members activity from what you see of them, from my experience every staff member does a lot more than what can be seen from most players. What role they have in the team directly impacts what parts of their role you can and can't see, a CG...
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    Happy Fossilween! (EVENT CLOSED)

    RE: Happy Fossilween! I see what happens when I'm not around (shifty)
  9. Chocobo7

    How long have you been playing PWO

    Wow, old faces in this topic o: And I think I started playing properly in 2010, but its been too long for me to remember.
  10. Chocobo7

    Who remembers the trainer of the abyss?

    Heya, Welcome back! Rumours of my activity may be overstated, but I do like to show my face from time to time.
  11. Chocobo7

    Maybe possibly soon-ish back again

    No room for more burds, sorry :)
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    Its an older post but maybe it can help?
  13. Chocobo7

    Forum: Returned and Rebuilt!

    One suggestion, can links in posts be given a different colour so they stand out a little from the text?
  14. Chocobo7

    Forum: Returned and Rebuilt!

    Just like old times, eh? The downtime was startign to make me feel nostalgic. Good to see everything back up and looking shiny :) Is it right to assume older posts will have some of their formatting messed up with the BB code differences?
  15. Chocobo7

    New Staff Member

    I know! Lets recruit a bunch of people to watch the chat, maybe 3 or 4, and give them a couple of powers like muting and moving people so they don't get stuck in trees. We'll need a tag for them though, maybe MOD? Sounds good. :)
  16. Chocobo7

    Small size PC

    Could you expand the background of the box to cover the box buttons? It can be a bit annoying to look at them while they're floating there, the colours and the pokecentre tiles don't go together very well :P
  17. Chocobo7

    Client Update 1.97

    But what if I liked being a masochist? Jks, but thats some good and well overdue changes ^^
  18. Chocobo7

    Guilds - Time for a change

    I still think that the very first thing that should be donw to guilds is to make them affordable for a muhc larger amount of players than they currently are, the current cost and requirements are just downright insane.
  19. Chocobo7

    Guilds - Time for a change

    What about this would be problematic? Very true, definitely a much needed part of PWO but it doesn't mean guilds can't be worked on before a plan is put in place. The way guilds are currently gated are damaging to the game so you can work on that before fleshing out an idea to make them more...
  20. Chocobo7

    PWO Forum: Upgraded and Refreshed

    Looks pretty and I like all the useful info in the sidebar, definitely an upgrade. Once I've bopped around with the new stuff I'll know if I have any problems with it, but it looks good atm.