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    S gyarados lvl 101. Why did it get removed?

    So i have this level 101 S gyarados. Legit one from legendary cup 3rd prize.. it was magicarp with 5m/5m EXP. when battled with wild poke it evolved to S gyara.. so i immediately posted in forum to see if its ok. Both shane and teck said its ok heres the link...
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    Found a bug

    i dont know if the right place to post it is here but when battling . i was using gyara he was using drago. when i boosted and i died he got poisoned. here is a screenshot
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    S gyarados lvl 101

    so i own the S magicarp lvl 101 from the legendary cup (third prize) i tried battling it in wild pokemons and it evolved here is the picture. any admins or gms i can ask what will happen to this poke now? Edit: ok i talked with Sir Shane about it and said its...
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    I cant log in

    Is it just me or PWO is down? Well i try to log in. but it says that PWO probably is down... but when i try to check in the website the server status it is online The server is online with 347 / 800 users. when i try to refresh some moments later it increases or decreases the number of...