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    Battle Tower is Live!

    I have also encountered a bug resulting in the loss of runs. After doing a Special Battle, I then tried to do a Normal Battle in Regular Mode, only to find that the first NPC would not talk to me and therefore not battle. I logged out, and then tried to do another Normal Battle. When given...
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    How to Increase PWO's Population,

    Is that so? Then please do explain why I was not a battler for the first 3 years that I played PWO (I was a hunter/collector). Since I wasn't a battler when I started playing this game, I guess I wasn't "born" into being one. But considering where I am now, I must have "turned into one" at...
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    Dalek's Log of Upd

    Re: Dalek's Log of Updates First, I want to let you know that when I tried doing a Custom Battle last night it used up one of my daily runs. I assume this has been corrected since then (about 12 hours ago from the time of this post). Second, the timing of this update is very poor, and if I...
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    Battle Tower Feedback

    I also support this idea. OHKO moves can take out a team so fast and can ruin any momentum you have going.
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    Battle Tower is Live!

    I know it only gives 5 points per battle, but I got zero, that's the problem.
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    Battle Tower is Live!

    I just did a Custom Battle and got no points for winning. Is this a bug or was something changed?
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    Battle Tower Feedback

    I do not agree with the timing of this update. You state that this is in line with the handhelds, but in the handhelds players also have access to fully working movesets, natures, abilities, and other held items to make their teams stronger and more complete. For example, with a limitation to...
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    Battle Tower Feedback

    I agree with Electro's proposed changes to Survival Mode, though 11-35 for 2 points and 36-60 for 3 points is also acceptable in my opinion.
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    Battle Tower Feedback

    Right now I think it is pretty hard to gain a large amount of Battle Points, but I also believe this difficulty is acceptable to prevent the prizes from becoming devalued. As for how points are rewarded in Survival Mode, having further tested the new edits, I will suggest the following layout...
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    Battle Tower is Live!

    Might I also recommend to staff that there be further point increases in Survival Mode. Currently you earn 1 point for each of the first five battles, then 2 points for every battle after. I believe there should be further increases as you increase your streak, such as 3 points after battle...
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    Battle Tower is Live!

    Wanted to bump these questions. Also, another question: is there any type of mode that gives more than 2 points per battle?
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    Battle Tower is Live!

    A few questions for staff. I know that the number of battle points gained per battle gradually increases as you go through Survival Mode. Does the same happen as you do more consecutive runs in Regular Mode? If so, and if you have been doing Regular Mode runs for a while, then decide to...
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    There's always that one guy..

    Clearly you're forgetting about my shiny blue alligator. ;) MEOW
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    There's always that one guy..

    I haz no shiny turtle, but I haz a shiny gator. Also, we should evolve that Marill right meow. >:D
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    Relicanth's Log of Updates

    Thanks for bringing the Stealth Rock tutor back!
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    Holodeck Event now over- leave feedback below!

    Re: New Holodeck Displays this Friday! Great event, but I don't like that such an important move tutor (Stealth Rock) was put in an event. Moreover, it's very hard to find Quartz to even be able to use the tutor. I recommend that staff move the tutor to outside of this event immediately after...
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    No permanently ban
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    Leftovers Mini-Quest

    With the most recent update, the Leftovers held item was introduced to PWO, but it can only be obtained by catching a wild Snorlax. Obviously, this means it will be very difficult to obtain even a single Leftovers. The handhelds also have this method of obtaining the item, so I don't see a...
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    PWO is in need of having to revise some moves

    Dark Void is a move that can only be learned by Darkrai. It's not something that other Pokemon can (or should) be able to learn. I agree with the original topic. There are some very high priority move fixes right now.
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    Kanto Re-Spawn Project Bock 7 feedback.

    The part of this update I was most interested to see was Cerulean Cave B1F. Here's what Rig said in her log: "The levels, especially on the last floor, are majorly buffed." Needless to say, I am disappointed. I will recognize that the training this floor now offers is the best in PWO...